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The Brody School of Medicine in East Carolina University lies at 600 Moye Boulevard, Greenville, NC 27659. It is a private, for-profit school. It was founded in 1963 by Dr. George J. Brody, who became an acclaimed author and researcher in complementary medicine. Dr. Brody School of Medicine was named after him. It offers degrees in general and internal medicine, family practice, and pediatrics, among other subjects.

Campuses of The Brody School of Medicine

East Carolina University has campuses at the campuses of North and South Carolina. It offers online courses and degrees. The Brody School of Medicine in Greenville includes obstetrics/maternity, internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, and radiology. Other departments offer biomedical technology, nursing, pharmacy, biology, nutrition, physical sciences, pharmacology, pathology, psychology, sociology, and statistics.

Online Courses in this Medical School

The school now offers an online application to its students. This is one of the significant advantages of this program. Students in the online course can have the flexibility and convenience to complete the course requirements conveniently without being disturbed by the schedule of classes. The Commission now accredits most of the online degrees and certificate programs offered by Brody on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAHEP).


Before you apply for any degree online, you should check whether the Brody School of Medicine is accredited. You should also check the accreditation of the online application program you want to join. Once you are sure that Brody School of Medicine is accredited and the online application program you are planning to join is accredited, you can upload the completed online application form on the appropriate web portal. Within a matter of minutes, you will receive your username and password, and you will be able to log into the portal from wherever you are.

Online Degree Programs

Several schools are offering online degrees. However, it must be noted that each school offers different degree programs and certificate programs, and all are geared towards a specific field of medicine. In addition to that, some schools offer only certificates, while some of them provide a combination of diploma and certificate programs. Hence, you should ensure that the Brody School of Medicine, which you select, provides the type of plan you need.

Enroll for the Brody School of Medicine

Once you are accepted into the Brody School of Medicine online, you should ensure that you enroll for all the classes you have missed so far. This will help you make up for any deficiency in your knowledge. It is not mandatory that you have to start with the first semester. However, you should be encouraged to complete the course. If you feel that you are still not up to speed with the course, you can enroll for another year.

While you are taking up an online course, you will need to ensure that you complete all the assignments and exams, and you should also refer to any books which have been provided to you for references. These courses will require that you achieve an average of 75% to complete the course. You can expect to earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a minor in Biology, a Bachelor of Health Science with a Bachelor of Surgery, or an MBA in Health Care Management. The course curriculum is designed so that students will be able to complete their course within three years.

Brody School of Medicine - Facts

The Commission accredits the Brody School of Medicine on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs. This ensures that the school's online programs are in line with the guidelines approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. This ensures that you will be provided with the best education possible. This online course will enable you to become a doctor of medicine with a minor in Biology.

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