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by on March 28, 2021
You know the routine. You enter the car, start the engine, and fire up the aircon. However, you’re met with a foul stench. It can put a sour on your trip, long or short, in no time. As frustrating as the smell can be, it’s even more frustrating when you’re unable to identify its source. It obviously has something to do with the AC system. Yet, there are varied kinds of stenches that emanate from the AC. We’re here to get our hands, and noses, dirty with this guide.
Continue to know more about what smells to expect, what causes them to appear, and as always, how to get them fixed.

Situation #1 – Your AC smells like mould

This one’s relatively simple. If your car AC smells like mould or mildew, it could actually be either of those. It tends to happen in older vehicles because of the prolonged presence of bacteria in the vents.
A vent and duct cleaning spray could work as a quick fix, but it’s always advisable to get a comprehensive repair. ServiceMyCar offers an intensive car AC diagnosis and repair system that’ll leave your AC clean and fresh in no time.

Situation #2 – Your AC has an oddly sweet scent

No, we’re not talking about the sweet air freshener you’ve stuck on the vent. An oddly sweet scent without a discernible source probably means your car has a coolant leak. Coolant has a sweetish scent due to the presence of specific chemical components. Such an inconvenience can be a good sign that your car needs to be fixed ASAP. If you find yourself in such a situation, request a car AC repair quote at ServiceMyCar at once.

Situation #3 – Your AC smells like petrol

Like a coolant leak, your AC will smell like petrol if there’s a gas leak. It can lead to an unsafe situation. If you get a whiff of gasoline from your AC, it’s advisable to turn off your car completely.
Avoid driving in such a situation. Instead, get a car recovery service from ServiceMyCar to get a comprehensive inspection and repair.

Situation #4 – Your AC has a burning scent

This one comes in different forms. If it smells like burning rubber, then it could probably have something to do with a misaligned pulley or your AC compressor. If there’s an electrical short or any burning wires, it could smell like burning plastic. An oil leak could result in a burning oil scent making its way through the AC vents. However, it doesn’t matter what type of scent it is. Any of the above could mean there’s a severe issue with your car.

Get your car AC repaired with ServiceMyCar

The bottom line is that strange odour from your AC isn’t just unpleasant, but dangerous as well. It requires swift and assured diagnosis and intensive repairs. If you’re dealing with any of these scents from your AC, request a car AC diagnosis at ServiceMyCar. In case you are looking for car sanitization then book our affordable car sanitization dubai package today
Our thorough inspection will go from seals to compressors to blower motors to hose, and much more. We’ll replace or repair all the faulty parts and have your AC running fresh in no time.
Request a quote today on the ServiceMyCar website or app.
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