Australia Bond Cleaning
by on April 1, 2021
Bond Cleaning Brisbane Presents a step by step Bond Cleaning guide For tenants.

In Australia, we have an organized system of rental properties for both tenants and property managers. We have a governing body to look after the rights and responsibilities of tenants all over Australia. This governing body also looks after the right and responsibilities of property managers or real estate agents throughout Australia. RTA ( Residential Tenancy Authority ) is the governing body formed under the instructions of the Australian Government. RTA has issued some guidelines for both tenants and the real estate agents to regulate the tenancy process smoothly. These guidelines say that every tenant must be provided with a high-standard clean and habitable rental property. Also, it is mandatory for every tenant to restore the property in the exact same condition as it was provided at the beginning of the tenancy period. To make sure that the tenant fulfils this responsibility, the governing body has made it mandatory for every tenant to also deposit a security amount before entering a rental property. This security money is also known as bond money and the tenant has to sign a bond agreement with the real estate agent while depositing this money before entering the rental property. This security money is totally refundable and can be acquired by the tenant at the end of the lease while leaving the rental property. But in order to recover this bond money, the tenant has to restore the property in the exact same condition as it was provided by the property manager. This is a responsibility of a real estate agent or property manager to inspect the property before the tenant moves in the rental property to make sure the delivery of a high-standard clean property. Also, it is a real estate agent or property manager’s responsibility to inspect the rental property when the tenant is moving out to make sure that the property is being returned in the exact same condition as it was provided to the tenant. If the tenant fails to return the property in the exact same condition as it was provided or in other words fails to restore the property to its former look, then there are some consequences to face. This scenario might lead to a loss of bond money or security money which was deposited by the tenant at the beginning of the lease or tenancy period. To avoid this scenario one should make sure that the rental property in the exact same condition as it was provided before handing over the keys to the property manager. You should go only for a professional for organizing such deep and thorough cleaning at your rental property if you do not want to lose your bond money.

Organizing a cleaning service on your rental property can get challenging sometimes especially when you are dealing with a busy schedule. You need to be very sure about the bond cleaner you hire for your rental property at the end of your lease as your hard-earned money is on the stack. Following are some tips that will help you hire a professional at the end of your lease for Bond Cleaning Brisbane.

Ask for their ABN

You should only hire a professional cleaning service provider that is running a registered business. A person needs to get an ABN or Australian business number to register his or her organization with the local governing body. If they do not have an ABN then they are not worth your trust, time and money.

Customer Base Or Reviews

Reviews are the easiest way to find out about the authenticity of a service provider these days. A professional must be able to show you some reviews from his existing customers. An existing customer base shows how dependable a service provider is. You should always ask for reviews from a service provider before hiring them for the Bond Cleaning Brisbane job.

Experience And Expertise

Look after their experience and the expertise they have for providing professional cleaning services. Only an experienced professional will be able to provide you with reliable cleaning services with promising output. An experienced professional can deliver with assured cleaning results which will satisfy your property manager. An experienced professional is always equipped with the latest and the best machinery to deliver that satisfying Bond Cleaning Brisbane.

Tax invoice

Now, this is something your property manager or real estate agent might ask you for. A registered professional service provider will always be able to provide you with a tax invoice mentioning all the services you have taken from them. As a consumer, it is your right to ask for a tax invoice from the service provider you are taking Bond Cleaning Brisbane services from.

So, always keep these things in mind while hiring a cleaning service provider at the end of your lease.
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