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by on April 1, 2021
The app freeze problem is not a type of issue every Mac user faces, but if you are facing a similar problem, then it can be resolved by following the right steps. Mostly the following problems happen due to the app crash, or with the older app version. However, it’s not certain every time, so you must know every possible way to resolve the frozen app issue. macOS is a powerful OS, and its app optimization system works perfectly with every app. During the app freezing situation, removing it from the background usually works well, but when the system is unable to take the call and the app is not responding, then no action works. So you’ve tried everything to access the frozen app and nothing works out, follow the guide to make the app function properly. Troubleshoot the Unresponsive and Frozen Apps on Mac Force Close the App Sometimes the app doesn’t stop working even after closing its window. While the app is frozen and you close its window, it may still be in working because of its frozen condition. So if you’re unable to stop the frozen app from running in the background, you should try out the Force Close method. Remember that force closing the app will remove all the unsaved data. To try out the force close method, press the Apple icon over the Menu bar, and select the Force Quit option under the drop-down tab. Pressing the Force Quit option will open a separate window that will allow you to choose which you wish to stop running. Reopen the Application Once you force close the app, try to reopen it and check if it’s working fine or not. Mostly probably the app will start working again, but if that doesn’t happen, make a right-click on the app and press Quit. Restart your Mac and reopen the app and check if it’s working. The following procedure will start running your app as normal, but the problem is the same, then try some other following methods. Update the Application macOS has recently received its new OS version, then your apps might have a new available version too. If you’re not aware of the new app version, then just open the App Store and search for the app. Sometimes using an older version of the app creates problems and freezing is one of them. You can search for the app in the App Store or simply open the Update tab where you’ll see all installed apps on your device. Press the Update button next to the app, and start downloading and installing its new updating version. Once the new version is installed, reopen the app and check it. Reboot the Mac Even after force close, and updating the app method, the app is still not working fine, then Restart the MacBook. Well, restarting the Mac is the most basic method, but sometimes the basic methods can solve giant issues. Press the Apple icon over the Menu bar, and choose the Restart option under the drop-down tab. Contact the Application Developer If the app freezing problem isn’t solved yet, then you should contact the app developer. Even if after trying out several methods, if the app is still not working, then try to contact the app developer. Tell them the issue and version of your macOS and app. They might check the compatibility of the app with the macOS version and it needs a push update, they’ll release it soon. Check the System Software Updates Another final option you can try out is to check the system OS version. If you’re running an older macOS version, then update it as quickly as possible. Simply open the System Preferences tab and move into the Software Update section to check the currently running OS and latest available OS for your Mac. Conclusion By following all these methods users can solve their app-related issues easily. Most of the time, an app becomes unresponsive because of an older update or bugs. So by updating the version of the app, users can get rid of app bugs and older versions both. Source: Freeze Apps on Mac
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