Emma Justin
by on April 5, 2021
Without wasting time & words, let us get to know the steps of how to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch- Configure & Install Apple Pay on Apple Watch Use your iPhone for opening the Apple Watch After tapping on My Watch, click on Wallet & Apple Pay. Enter the CVV of the card if the card is present on the Apple device. Also, check that if the card isn’t removed, add the card you want by clicking on Add next. If the other card is not present on the Apple device, then Add the Card by adhering to the instructions flashing in front of you on the screen. Apple Pay is a very user-friendly, efficient & fast way to pay for various types of goods & services & since it is installed in the Apple watch, it can make the process even more, quicker & smooth. Whether it is executing mobile payments during online shopping or in a personal space at a store, Apple Pay always comes to the consumer’s rescue who is making the payment. After announcing the mobile payments solution in 2014, Apple had concentrated all its attention to promote & upgrade Apple Pay as Apple Pay’s reach was only limited to that of store support at that time. With consistent effort, Apple has successfully managed to catapult Apple Pay into an easily accessible feature for executing payments during shopping & traveling. Coincidentally, Apple’s first watch came into existence after the announcement of Apple Pay & since then, the Apple smartwatch has gained a lot of new features. Making the Payment Using Apple Pay Since Apple Pay has already been installed on an iPhone, it becomes very convenient for the customer to pay for the goods & services using Apple Pay. Now, let us have a look at how to make the payment using Apple Pay with an Apple Watch in the below-mentioned points- Double-click on the button located on the side of the smartphone if using the default card. Fix a position of the Apple watch close to the payment terminal. The face of the smartwatch display & the payment reader should be in front of each other. In a matter of a few seconds, the User will hear a sound that will establish that a connection was successfully created between the watch & the payment gateway. After the payment is sent, the User will get a notification in the Notification Center, which will mark the transaction’s success. Final Thoughts Although. The above points cover all the steps involved in making a successful payment using Apple Pay; there are scenarios where the process is slightly more complex. To maintain the transaction’s confidentiality, there is a pre-requisite of entering a PIN or signing a receipt, which depends on the amount of the trade & the needs of the payment gateway. If a user wants to use a card for making the payment, then he/she must keep in mind that they are using the right card & if they wish to change the menu on an Apple watch, they need to double-tap on the side button. Thus, from the above article, it is pretty clear that the User shall use the Apple Pay option in the app if the Apple Watch is being used to do online shopping. Also, it is essential to cross-check or review the order before completing the payment process. Thus, we can safely state that if the customer has an Apple Watch, then he/she can complete the payment without using an iPhone or a physical wallet. Source: How to Use Apple Pay On Apple Watch
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