Emma Justin
by on April 5, 2021
Picture-in-Picture improvements, One-handed Mode, Dark Theme & some more updates are a part of tons of changes introduced in the new Android 12 Developer Preview 2. This version has brought many minor altercations & improvements to the next version of Google’s operating system. Released back in February, the first developer preview for Android 12 started the timeline for official Android 12. Between March & April, three previews will be launched by Google & in May, the first public beta will be made available. Also, in Q3, the final release of Android 12 is scheduled. It’s still a long way to go, with plenty of blockages on the way. Features Last month, Developer Preview 1 made its debut, giving the critics a lot to discuss & the most noteworthy fact was that its notifications were redesigned, which are mentioned below- New Screenshot Interface; Google’s Nearby Share Feature with Wi-Fi; The Android had a radical look & a new User Interface (UI) named ‘Silky Home’ was a critical attractive feature of the Developer Preview 2. With a one-handed mode to Android, Google has introduced a massive change in the way androids function with Android 12 DP2. This feature is not like this feature for the first time in the market as Samsung has once experimented with this feature in their custom-developed Android interfaces. It’s heartening to see that Google is coming forward with this native feature as this type of experimentation is still in its nascent stage. Owing to the increase in these trials, the one-handed mode will surely attain popularity in the future as it can be accessed by just swiping down after clicking on the bottom side of the interface. The same procedure is used in iOS. To enhance better reachability, users have the option of setting a timeout timer, and then they can turn it off after a certain point. According to the reviews of 9to5Google, the picture-in-picture works feature has a few improvements, and its working is also now functioning on a refurbished scale. New Altercations By taking cues from iOS, Android 12 DP2 has added pinch-to-zoom for altering the size of a PiP window. By double-tapping on the window, the window’s size is regulated from minimal to maximum & by moving the screen from left to right, the PiP player can be hidden off. These are user-facing challenges that need close attention in Developer Preview 2. In the future versions of Android 12, the new design of the widget list in the Pixel Launcher will have a significant role to play as Google has reduced the darkness of its theme & has added minor visual tweaks PIN. Changes have also been made to the pattern lock screen pages & according to the hints, a new search bar for Pixel Launcher will be unveiled, which can replace the Google Search widget. Before stating that Android 12 is all set for mass consumption, it is essential to emphasize that there is still a long way to go & it is pretty encouraging to see that Google is slowly catching up with its release and the latest trends in the market. In April, the final Developer Preview 3 will be released, and the public is looking forward to it. Further, Google will release its first public beta in May & it is pretty evident that after changing & updating a lot of policies, DP1 & DP2 will be fit for release in the global market. Source: Android 12 Developer Preview 2
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