Emma Justin
by on April 5, 2021
By introducing the new active noise cancellation feature, Skype has attained a unique status in the industry. The Windows & Mac users are now relishing the benefits of this advanced version of Skype as this exclusive feature has been developed for the Microsoft teams & this feature has now been set up for Skype. Designed to put a mute button on everything except the user’s speech, the active noise cancellation feature is currently available for Mac & Windows. Skype also allows the users to change the noise cancellation settings between low, medium, & high. This shows that the alteration of the noise cancellation settings is quite possible in this scenario in Skype. Another advantage of introducing the noise cancellation effect is that it allows making more efficient video calls. The company representatives stated in an interview that the noise cancellation feature functions by utilizing the specially trained deep neural networks, which drain out the noise without causing any effect on the speaker’s voice. Role of Active Noise Cancellation Feature Initially designed for the Microsoft teams, this bespoke feature has been extended to Skype now & the users are benefitting much more than from the original version. In the latest press conference, the professionals of Skype stated that the newest feature of Skype has been instrumental in suppressing the background noise in the desktop app. When the user meets someone on Skype, this feature helps to silence almost everything except the user’s voice. The noise cancellation feature also helps in explaining the difference between speech & other noises. This feature helps in identifying & then diluting the effect of small, incoherent, & complex noises. Some common examples of these noises are mentioned below- Howling sound made by a dog; Typing noise produced on a keyboard; crunching of a food wrapper; movement of a fan Advantages of Noise Cancellation Feature The advantage of this noise cancellation feature is that they are much more advanced & sophisticated than the traditional noise suppression algorithms. These algorithms only pay heed & attention to simple & consistent noises like sounds caused by small movements in the home. Simultaneously, this noise cancellation feature pays attention to the complex & inconsistent noises that are hard to capture. The newly developed noise cancellation feature is a product of the amalgamation of the techniques used in machine learning & artificial intelligence. These techniques help in differentiating between the clean & clear speech & the so-called “noise.” The combination of machine learning (ML) & artificial intelligence (AI) is used to identify the diversity in the dataset in terms of noise types & clean speech & then a special algorithm is used to filter them. This algorithm forms the core aspect of the noise cancellation feature currently being used in Skype. Conclusion A representative dataset trains the ML model used in the noise cancellation feature of Skype. This provides a very wholesome experience to the Skype users in terms of the quality of the user’s speech from the other end. In Skype, there is this facility of multiple users joining on in calls from various limitations. This facility leads to a lot of noise generation & this is where the noise cancellation feature of Skype comes in handy as it reduces the excessive noise produced from all ends. Thus, the new active noise cancellation feature from Skype is the currently trending topic in the town as far as electronic media is concerned & it is not a surprise that this feature has received rave reviews from the public and the media. Source: Skype Introducing Active
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