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by on April 6, 2021
Who doesn’t want healthy, glowing skin? Men and women over the ages have aspired to have radiant skin, for which they have experimented with various skincare treatments and formulae. From getting bathed in donkey’s milk to being layered in mud packs, all methods have been tried to get that elusive beautiful skin.

But in the attempts to beautify our skin, we make skincare mistakes, and end up using the wrong kind of skincare product. The result is skin rashes, allergies, breakouts and acne, or dull jaded skin.

In this blog, we will take you through the most common skincare mistakes.

12 Common Skincare Mistakes

1. Lack of sufficient sleep or rest. All of us need our six to eight hours of shut-eye. The term “beauty sleep” is not exaggerated.

2. Unhealthy diet. Munching on wafers or gulping down cans of cola or beer? Excess intake of fat, sugar, additives, alcohol etc. is poison for skin health.

3. Smoking is bad, period. It ages your skin faster, and gives you dark circles under the eyes. Avoid smoking.

4. Not having a regular skincare routine. If you don’t care for your skin and use products only when necessary, your skin may be crying out for help.

5. Using hot water to wash your face or body. Hot water dries the skin and must be avoided, even in winter.

6. Going out in the sun without applying sunscreen. Sun damage is real.

7. Not moisturizing skin enough. With oily skin, think you can give the moisturizer a miss? You need to moisturize all types of skin.

8. Not exfoliating your skin. If you don’t exfoliate, dead skin cells — combined with oil and dirt clog the skin pores. Use a deep cleanser with exfoliating properties to keep your skin healthy.

9. Using cosmetics with comedogenic ingredients that don’t allow your skin to breathe. Use natural skincare products instead.

10. Sleeping without removing make-up. Never, never do this. Your skin needs to breathe and revive at night. Stale make-up kept overnight is a strict no-no.

11. Not starting your anti aging skincare routine when there is still time. Once you cross twenty-five, you must start your anti aging regimen to avoid signs of premature aging like fine lines, wrinkles, etc.

12. Not caring for your under-eye skin. This area is extra sensitive and shows signs of aging first. Dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, crow’s feet, all appear in the skin around or under the eye. You need to take special care of this delicate skin area.

These mistakes can be detrimental for skin health, so avoid these as far as you can. Natural skincare products — tested for safety and effectiveness, are best for the skin.

How can I make my skin look healthier naturally?

Making your skin look healthy and naturally radiant is not so difficult. You need to make a conscious change towards a healthy and active lifestyle. Develop a regular skincare regimen using the skincare products that suit your skin.

Here is a 6-step Skincare Routine to make your skin glow with health:

1. Clean your face at least twice a day, with an exfoliating face cleanser that has White Birch and Peony extracts, along with Salicylic Acid. This would help in gently exfoliating your skin and protecting against oxidative damage. Pearlstone in the cleanser is a natural exfoliant, and gives your skin a radiant glow.

2. Give your skin soothing care with the skin toner with Calendula herbal extracts, Allantoin and Burdock root extracts. This alcohol-free toner suits the most sensitive skin too. Use it after cleansing your skin to soothe and refresh naturally.

3. A natural sunscreen that has a high SPF is absolutely essential for maintaining healthy skin. Try one that has a SPF of 50 PA , and combines UVA and UVB technology with pollution control. Vitamin E in the sunscreen moisturizes and protects, while Baicalin defends your skin against free radicals.

4. A face moisturizer with that wonder skin nutrient — Squalane, and Glacial Glycoprotein, helps in hydrating your skin throughout the day. This facial cream is excellent for protecting your skin’s natural moisture barrier, and moisturizing in the driest of conditions. It’s lightweight and gets absorbed easily in your skin.

5. A Vitamin C based serum with Ascorbyl Glucoside and Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid, is the best anti aging serum for your skin. It gets absorbed quickly in your skin to provide natural hydration, boost skin radiance and provide antioxidant protection. Visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and glow with smooth, healthy skin.

6. The most sensitive skin on our face is the under eye region. Give it extra hydration and care with the best under eye cream containing Avocado oil, Shea Butter and Beta Carotene. This cream gently moisturizes the delicate eye skin and can be used on the most sensitive skin. It is ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested for safety.

Now that you know what is best for your skin, get started on a healthy skincare routine immediately. Shop for these iconic, trusted skincare products at Kiehl’s India.

Let your skin Glow with Health!
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