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by on April 8, 2021
In this article, we have discussed how you can cast your iOS or Android device’s screen on Amazon Fire TV Stick. Both the devices (Android TV vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick) in our comparison run on Android OS under the hood. So, we do assume that casting will also offer a seamless experience as it’s on Chromecast-like devices; however, that’s not the case with Amazon Fire TV Stick. Things work in a bit different way on Fire TV Stick as you need to set up the casting page manually. Also, if you are casting from your iOS device to Fire TV Stick, you will require a separate app. So, if you need detailed instructions on how to cast your iOS or Android device’s screen on Amazon Fire TV Stick, you may follow along the steps listed below: Cast Android or iOS Screen on Amazon Fire TV Stick This article discusses steps to cast both iOS and Android devices’ screens on Fire TV Stick separately. You can go through the required details below: Cast Android Screen on Amazon Fire TV Stick To cast your Android device’s screen on Fire TV Stick, you need to follow these steps: Before you get started, you need to ensure that both your Fire TV Stick and Android device are on the same network. Further, you need to tap and hold the “Home” button on your fire TV remote for a while. A mini prompt window will appear on your screen. On that window, you need to click on “Mirroring.” Now that you have entered the Mirroring mode, your Android smartphone can easily figure out the Fire TV Stick that’s connected to the same network. Head over to your Android device and then launch the Quick Settings panel and locate “Cast” or “Screen Cast” or “Mirror,” and tap on it to choose your Fire TV Stick. In case your device isn’t showing the “Cast” option, you need to open Settings and locate “Bluetooth and Device Connection.”You will probably find the “Cast” option present there. Once located, you need to open it and choose your Fire TV Stick. Now that your Android device’s screen has been mirrored on your Fire TVStick, you need to always keep in mind that it is relying on Wi-Fi’s Miracast technology and isn’t using Chromecast. So, the quality might not be that pretty, and you might not be able to play the content with the turned-off screen. Yet, the screen orientation, zoom in/out, and audio would no doubt work well. Mirror Your iOS Device’s Screen on Amazon Fire TV Stick Similar to the method listed above for Android, your iOS device and Fire TV Stick needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Alongside that, on your Fire TV stick, you need to install a third-party app. With that set, let’s proceed further to the steps to mirror your iOS device’s screen on Amazon Fire TV Stick. On your Fire TV’s remote, you need to tap and hold the “Alexa” button and state “AirScreen.” You will be redirected to the AirScreen page, where you need to tap on “Get” in order to install the “AirScreen” app. After installing the app, launch it and tap on “Start.” Note that there’s no need to configure anything. Now, head over to your iOS device and visit the Control Center. Further, you need to click on the option “Screen Mirroring” appearing within the Control Center window. The search process for AirPlay-compatible devices will get initiated. Once your TV gets detected, click on “AS-AFT…”. Your iOS device’s screen will get mirrored on your Fire TV Stick. That’s it. So, these were the instructions using which you can cast your Android device or iOS device’s screen to the Fire TV Stick. The instructions listed for both iOS and Android devices are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. On top of that, the method listed for iOS devices also allows users to cast Chrome OS, Windows, and macOS devices on Fire TV Stick. The best part of this casting is that it provides great results when streaming is concerned, and you will experience almost negligible latency. Anyway, that’s all from us for now. Do let us know your opinion about this article, and in case you face any issues while you are following the instructions, you can use the comment section below to let us know about your issue. Source: How to Cast Android or iOS Screen on Amazon Fire TV Stick
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