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by on April 13, 2021

The John Deere combine harvester is one of the most popular combine harvesters in the market. One of the most reputed names in the industry manufactures this equipment. The John Deere Company has been known for manufacturing quality farm equipment for more than 180 years. Listed at no. 84 in the Fortune top 500 companies, the company’s combine harvester has helped farmers become more profitable thanks to the range of features it offers. The features of this harvester are presented below.

The Harvester

The John Deere combine harvester can be used to mechanize the process of harvesting. This ensures the process happens in a more effective and efficient way. The effectiveness of the process is improved thanks to the features of this machine. The harvester has a cleaning system that is designed to improve the overall performance, by increasing the speed of the harvester. This can thus directly help in improving productivity. The feeding system is also optimized to help in improved performance.

The feeding system is responsible for moving the harvested crop from the front of the equipment to the separators. This system ensures quicker movement of grain, which again leads to better productivity. The engine in this harvester has better fuel efficiency. This ensures farmers can use the harvester for longer durations without having to stop to refuel. This helps in reducing fuel expenses, which adds to the overall savings.

Augers for efficiency

The John Deere Combine harvester can be modified to add an auger to it. The use of the auger ensures that crops that are thicker can be handled in a more efficient way. For example, the thickness of the crop creates a problem when canola is being harvested. By adding an auger, the harvester is able to handle the crop more efficiently. This helps in reducing crop losses.

Settings for optimization

There are many adjustments that can be made in the operation of the John Deere combine harvester. These adjustments can easily be done by modifying the settings of the equipment. This can help solve problems like crop loss and grain damage. Improper settings can lead to damage to the crop while reaping. It can also lead to crop loss. By making the right adjustments before harvesting each crop, the farmer can get the best results from this harvester. Apart from improved straw quality, even straw quality can be improved.

Convenient for usage

One of the major advantages of the combine harvester is that the operator who drives the equipment would find it more convenient thanks to the 180-degree view that can be obtained. This allows the operator to get a clear view so that the harvesting is done in the best possible way. Controls in the harvester are also easier to use. There are Xenon lights provided that make it convenient to use the harvester at night. The seats are also more comfortable.

All these features make the combine harvester from the John Deere company one of the best in the market.
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