Mooi Hair Extension
by on April 13, 2021
In the world of fashion and style, trends come and go. Few trends become perennial style trends. Even then, style evolves and changes colours through the years. However, some trends remain a classic, and when we talk about hair colour, balayage remains a forever favourite among fashion lovers even today. Balayage hair colouring remains people’s favourite all over the world. The popularity is because of the effortless way it flatters the hair. Whether it is in the highlights of natural hair or balayage hair extensions, women worldwide love a flowy balayage look.

Derived from the French term for ‘sweep,’ balayage is a hair colouring technique done by hand. Balayage does not impose upon the natural colour of the hair. Instead, balayage blends different colours into the hair to create the perfect layered, sunkissed look. As people turn towards more natural colours and effortless glam, balayage renders an air of sophistication to the hair. Even when people are confused about getting their hair coloured in Balayage, they are going for balayage hair extensions from reputed cosmetic brands.

The benefits of Balayage Hair Extensions

Balayage hair extensions are great for someone who wants to experiment with balayage but are too concerned about Balayage's effect on the hair.

If you want to see how balayage looks on the hair before going for the actual process, artificial hair extensions are great to wear occasionally.

With hair extensions, you don’t have to worry about being trapped in one colour. Moreover, you don’t have to handle the costs and pressures of recolouring your hair. If you love balayage but cannot commit to it for a long time, choosing hair extensions is the wisest decision you can make. You can experiment with different colours of balayage if you are choosing extensions for your hair.

Nowadays, many accessories and cosmetics companies like Mooi offer an array of hair extensions in different shades of balayage for their customers. These hair extensions easily blend in with your natural hair and give you a flawless look. To order your hair extensions today, visit
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