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In this article, we explain how to choose the products to clean the leather sofa and handmade leather goods, analyzing which are the main characteristics to consider before buying one.

The products for cleaning handmade leather goods are in fact useful for its sanitation and the removal of unwanted stains.

How to Clean Leather Sofa and Other Handmade Leather Goods?

The leather sofa is very delicate, in addition to needing periodic maintenance, there are some rules to follow in order not to completely damage the leather of the sofa. To avoid the do-it-yourself remedies, even if it seems like a great idea (because maybe it worked on another type of skin), don't trust them! The first warning for the long life of your leather sofa is to place it in a corner of the house where there is not too much sun exposure. The leather sofa "suffers" even near the heat of the radiators, so study the right arrangement even before buying it. For cleaning, there are specific products on the market, which we will discuss more fully in the following paragraphs.

For normal ordinary cleaning, simply a soft cloth is sufficient. If you prefer, you can also use slightly moistened chamois leather. Recommendations are mostly about things not to do. No solvent or alcohol-based products. It is therefore forbidden to clean leather sofas with trichloroethylene for example, or even worse with petroleum. If you have children, so long as you keep them away, it may happen that some inconvenience happens. Incidents along the way to the newly purchased leather sofa, even the guests can implement them simply by drinking a drink or coffee. Do not worry and above all do not panic.

There is a quick and easy fix for these occasions, even though they should never happen. In any case, do not make your guests feel "guilty" of having dirty the sofa, or if they have not yet "tried", do not put them in awe. Make your guests feel at ease and everything will go smoothly. Let's go back to the accident that took place on the new sofa. Whatever liquid is accidentally spilled on the sofa, just wipe it with simple absorbent paper, without any pressure or rubbing. At a later time, you can continue cleaning bypassing the slightly moistened chamois leather on the affected area, or a sponge, always moistened. No products you use to clean furniture, nor special detergents without any indication to the leather sofa.

We have taken care of all those things that are not to be done for the maintenance of leather sofas. Do not adopt "do it yourself" techniques or invented at the moment, perhaps by "hearsay". We have seen that for daily cleaning of the leather sofa, soft damp cloth or chamois leather is enough. This is mainly to clean it from dust. In case of sudden liquid stains (water, soft drinks) you can first dab with absorbent paper and then with a cloth. However, leather sofas also need other specific care.

At least a couple of times a year, more careful maintenance must be dedicated to the leather sofa. For this, you need to buy specific products for cleaning leather sofas. If the sofa is marked by a dry stain, you will necessarily have to get a specific detergent, contacting a specialized shop that can be the same where you bought the sofa. Rely on an expert in the sector. Each product is different from the others, each has its own characteristics and methods of use. Each product for the extraordinary maintenance of leather sofas has its effectiveness. All of them however have a great result against water stains. Most of the products for cleaning leather sofas and other handmade leather items.

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