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by on April 26, 2021

The combine harvester is one of the most important equipment used on a farm. Since harvesting is the most important process, the combine harvester is the equipment that is used to make the harvesting process effective and efficient. The combine harvester needs to be in good working condition to ensure that it works well and produces results as intended. For this to happen, the combine harvester parts need to be of good quality. It is important to buy quality parts for the combine so that it provides a trouble-free experience during the harvesting season.

Key combine parts

There are a number of important combine harvester parts that ensure smooth working of the harvester. Farmers need to buy these parts from reputed vendors to ensure that the parts are of good quality.

1) Concaves

The concaves are one of the most important combine harvester parts that make the usage of the harvester more efficient. One combine concave can be used to harvest different types of crops. Whether you are harvesting rye, corn, canola, wheat, or sunflower you can use the same combine for the harvesting operations. All that needs to be done is to change the settings of the concave. Since this part is crucial, it is important to buy only quality parts.

2) Auger Extension

An auger extension is a very important combine part that helps to increase effectiveness. This extension ensures that the auger length is extended. This allows for more crop to be sent to the grain tank quickly. This ensures better effectiveness and improved productivity.

3) Combine Observation system

The operator needs to have a clear view so the harvesting is done effectively. The combine observation system in the harvester has cameras that can help the operator get the best view. It ensures that the harvesting process happens smoothly without any problems. It is also possible for the operator to view the grain tank. This helps in having better control over the system.

4) Height adjustment kit

Height adjustment is required when different crops are being harvested. With this kit, the operator has to just press a lever to vary the height. This allows different crops to be harvested easily.

5) Air scoop

The air scoop ensures that clean air enters the system. This prevents dust from clogging up the air filter and also keeps the engine clean. Quality in this part is important to ensure the harvester is in good working condition.

6) High inertia cylinders

The high inertia cylinder is an important part that helps to increase productivity. This part comes into play when the farmer wants to step up the process. A quality cylinder reduces vibration and helps to save fuel. It is also helpful in ensuring smooth flow of crops. Using quality combine harvester parts ensures the harvesting process is effective as well as efficient. This is why farmers need to give a lot of importance to quality in these parts. Buying from a reputed vendor is the best way to ensure quality.
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