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by on April 27, 2021
When you are going to vacate the property at the end of your lease Bond Cleaning of the property plays a major role in the revival of your security amount deposited with the property owner/ landlord. If the property will be properly cleaned according to the expectations of the property owner/ landlord only then he will release the full bond amount. If he is not satisfied with the cleaning of the premises he may deduct some portion of your bond amount or may deduct it fully.

For cleaning the property properly you have two options – one you can perform it yourself and the other is you can hire a professional company which provides expert service. If you avail services from professional bond cleaning company it will be much beneficial for you as it will ease out your work and releases our tension. On the other hand, if you try to clean the property by yourself there is a risk as there is a possibility of damage to your property which will lend you in greater trouble and you may lose your bond amount.

There are certain mistakes that most tenants commit while cleaning the property. So this must be looked at and avoided. We are providing here all the important points that must be taken care of which will help you to save your money.

The first one is equipment cleaning. Tenant must make sure that all the equipment in the house such as dishwasher, oven & BBQ are properly cleaned. These are the points that are usually noticed by the landlord during the inspection. Sometimes some of the equipment we are not using often and we tend to forget them. We might forget them but he doesn’t. So make sure they are deeply cleaned and there is no dirt and grease accumulated in any corners of the device.

The second thing that needs attention is the mould accumulated in any area of the property. If by any chance you left cleaning it, you are not going to be saved and you can’t even raise a question on it. So effects of moulds at any part of the property must be completely removed.

The third thing that should be looked upon is valuable items like carpet, sofa, chairs and many more. The carpet and sofa must be cleaned thoroughly if you want to sail through the boat. You can also hire professional carpet and sofa cleaners for the bond cleaning task as they are well trained and perform steam cleaning of carpets and thorough washing, shampooing and vacuuming of your sofa sets which are the expectations of most of the owners at the end of the lease.

The fourth point that should be taken care of is exhaust fans, filters or any other fittings and fixtures in the property. These are the areas of hard- dust deposits that must be properly cleaned if you wish to pass the inspection.

Last but not least is pet-related issues. Some owners can turn agnostic because of this so you should remove any sign or smell of pets from your property. Frankly saying the list is endless and there are many more mistakes which an individual commits during the bond cleaning of the property. But these mistakes must be avoided at any cost as it will be heart-breaking for you to lose your hard-earned money because of these mistakes.

On the other hand, it is better if you opt for professional services as you will get better results and there are fewer chances in this case of losing your bond amount. The professionals of these companies are well-trained and aware of all the checkpoints inspected by the property owner and perform the cleaning process in accordance with the guidelines and standards set by the Government of Australia. So you will be able to get your bond money back easily. It is better to be on the safe side and not lose your hard-earned money for saving some of the bucks. Don’t think too much and go for it without any second thought. You will be relaxed and can focus on other works and also get bond cleaning done.

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