Australia Bond Cleaning
by on April 28, 2021
Shifting to a new property becomes quite troublesome in Brisbane as according to the regulations laid down by the Government of Brisbane own before moving out and heading to a new property a tenant has to make sure to clean the old property deeply. Because if the old property will not be properly cleaned tenant will not get back the bond amount deposited with the property owner as security while occupying the place. It is better to hire end of lease cleaning services from a professional end of lease cleaner such as Bond Cleaning Brisbane.

Specialists also have thrown some light by which you can ease out the process. Let’s have a look at some of the ways suggested by the specialists to make your end of lease cleaning trouble-free and get your bond back easily.

Proper inspection of the property when you first occupy it-

When you first take the property at lease you must notify each and everything of the property in detail. You must closely observe all walls, carpets, ceilings and windows, and take photos of any areas which are damaged or unclean and pen down them in the Property Condition Report with photos and let your property manager know about them initially. When you vacate the property the owner cannot raise any issues on these areas as they are already been stated by you while occupying the property.

You must follow standard guidelines and checklist released by authorities-

Agents follow the Property Condition Report during their inspection, so use this as a guide while cleaning the property. Most importantly, check the areas which have any repair works involved or carry hard-stains clean them properly. You can hire Bond Cleaning Brisbane professionals for this as they are experts in performing these works and carry a full checklist of all important areas and while cleaning follow them properly They are well aware of the areas which are to be inspected first during the final inspection.

Thorough cleaning of the property-

Each and every corner of the property must be thoroughly cleaned.

The windows of the property must be crystal clear. All the marks must be removed with the help of dry, clean microfiber cloths or newspaper. All the corners of the windows must be cleaned thoroughly.

The floors of the property should be washed and mopped properly.

Mirrors should be cleaned to make them shine.

Carpets must be steam cleaned and sofas must be dusted, washed &vacuumed to make them fresh and clean. However, only professional cleaners can guarantee a deep clean, and can often extract hard dirt and stains. You can opt for Bond Cleaning Brisbane services because we provide the best end of lease cleaning services in Brisbane.

Cleaning of walls enhances the overall look of your property, and it is highly recommended to clean them deeply.

All the outer areas such as the yard, garages and gardens should be cleaned from top to bottom.

Fittings and fixtures are the areas that are often left during bond cleaning so the proper focus should be put to clean all the fixtures and fittings, such as light switches, ceiling fans, and light bulbs.

The best for you is to hire professionals-

The task of bond cleaning is not an easy job and requires a good amount of time, effort and investment if you are planning to do it by yourself. So it is best to hire a professional end of lease cleaning company like Bond Cleaning Brisbane as they will provide efficient cleaning and help you to get your bond back without any disputes. Also, these companies provide an option of re-clean within 7 days if your owner is not satisfied with the cleaning of any area of the property.

Do follow all these ways suggested by the specialists for end of lease cleaning. They will surely make your end of lease cleaning trouble-free.

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