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by on April 28, 2021

Finding a lawyer for your DUI or domestic violence issue can be the most essential part of achieving the goals in a DUI case. There’s loads of information out there and going through it to locate the right attorney is a tiring task. Here are useful tips to help you hire a suitable lawyer.

1. Specialization

Any lawyer who says that they can handle DUI or domestic violence cases might not necessarily have the knowledge level you want. You need to ask the lawyer what percentage of their caseload involves DUI or domestic violence and how long he/she has been practicing it. Does the domestic violence lawyer attend seminars regularly to stay updated on the latest laws? Do not hesitate to ask questions pertaining to your case and how it will affect you. If the lawyer is reluctant to offer you precise answers about how the DUI will have an effect on you, it is possible that he/she does not practice enough cases that involve DUI defense.

2. Trial Experience

Does your Columbus DUI lawyer possess experience in taking driving under influence cases to a trial? If so, what is the number of instances he/she has done that, and what were the exact outcomes? Keep in mind that not every case is identical, and so even if the person has taken a case to a trial and has won, it doesn’t warrant your case to win at trial as well.

3. Discuss Fees

Discuss the attorney’s fees. Does the lawyer offer a flat fee arrangement or does he/she bill you on an hourly basis? Are you allowed to select the fee arrangement? What are some of the other costs that are included in their fee charge [copy costs, postage, telephone charges]?

Never hire a lawyer based on the fee alone. You will never choose a cheap doctor and likewise, you shouldn’t choose a cheap lawyer too. While price can be a consideration, you should never make it the deciding factor.

4. Has the Attorney Been Suspended, Reprimanded, or Disbarred?

Sadly, there are some people in the legal line of work who have had trouble following the professional conduct rules. Ask your attorney if he/she has ever been schooled by the ethics board that governs the attorneys of the state. You can get in touch with the legal ethics board that manages the attorneys. You can search the name of the Columbus DUI attorney or the law firm online to see if they have any damaging information about their background or comments from past clients [positive or negative].

5. Obtain Referrals

If you are familiar with someone who has had a DUI or domestic violence issue in the past, ask them about their experiences with the attorney they had hired for the job. In several cases, the lawyers can offer you the names of previous clients who are ready to share information regarding their experience with them.

6. Comfortable

Irrespective of how much you pay the attorney, unless you feel at ease with them and hope that they will fight the battle for whatever it is you need and want, you will not be pleased with the end result. Unless you find someone you believe cares and is qualified and is able to do what you need on the case, you need to keep meeting with prospective lawyers.

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