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by on May 3, 2021

It takes a lot of effort to wear a white and bright smile. Especially, when you are wearing clear aligners, you have to make sure that they must remain stain-free and transparent. Otherwise, it may give a yellow cast to the teeth.

So, if you are a wearer who is looking for a whitening option that is compatible with the aligner as well, this content is for you. Here’s what you should know about whitening your teeth while wearing Invisalign clear aligners-

Whitening the Teeth During Realignment

Though it is possible to whiten the teeth while wearing Invisalign aligners, experts recommend not to go for the whitening process in the initial few months. During the teeth alignment phase, teeth are more sensitive, which can cause complications if you undergo whitening treatment.

Moreover, in your teeth realignment process, your teeth are constantly moving with aligners and will be adjusted to their final positions eventually. It means, there are chances that some areas of your teeth may not get exposed to whitening agents throughout the realignment process, which may result in an uneven appearance. So, it may require you to adjust your teeth without the aligners. It will make the whitening process more comfortable as well as faster while pushing the teeth in their final position.

How Does the Teeth Whitening Treatment Work during Re-alignment Process?

If you want to pursue teeth whitening treatment while wearing the aligners, you may need to use a milder form of teeth whitening agent. Some toothpaste and mouthwashes are quite mild and formulated with whitening agents. These agents can dissolve the surface strains as well tiny particles with abrasive properties, which in turn can polish the surface of the teeth.

Whitening toothpaste or mouthwash can brighten the teeth overall. Since these products come with mild whitening agents, they can easily even out the mild discoloration caused throughout the realignment process.

The next option that you can opt for is the whitening gels, which are more intense than the whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes. They can be applied at the dentist’s office or at home as per the instruction of the experts.

What About Using Whitening Gel Along with Invisalign Aligners

They both might look similar, but the tooth whitening trays are a bit different from Invisalign aligners. Even, the aligners are not converted into a tooth whitening tray anyway. During the treatment, an expert designs Invisalign aligners according to the shape and size of your teeth. However, it is a bad idea to apply the whitening gel inside the aligner in some cases, as the pressure from the aligner will push out the whitening agent, which can irritate the gums or stomach if you swallow it.

However, there are some orthodontists who recommend using the aligners as whitening trays, and whitening agent that is used along with braces is Carbamide Peroxide, which won’t harm most invisible aligners or trays. But there are some things to keep in mind -

  1. Orthodontic Trays Have a Tighter Fit: Invisalign trays fit on your teeth securely than the whitening trays. However, improper installation of the Invisalign aligners can cause the whitening gel to ooze out.

  2. Don’t Leave the Bleaching Gel Inside Aligners for Too Long: As per the recommendation of the orthodontists, you might have to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day. But it is also recommended not to keep bleaching gel inside the tray for that long, otherwise, it can cause sensitivity in your teeth. So, gel-filled aligners shouldn’t be worn for a particular length of time.

  3. Listen to Your Dentist: Each patient has different case history of their oral health. Hence, the treatment plan of a patient can’t similar with another. Therefore, it is recommended to listen to your orthodontist’s instructions to decide whether it is feasible to use Invisalign trays along with the whitening agent or not.

  4. Whitening Agent May Get Affected by Teeth Attachments: As per the dental condition, your orthodontist may ask you to use attachments to increase the contact of the aligners with your teeth. However, reports suggest that in the areas beneath the teeth attachments, the bleaching is not much effective. Hence, there may require additional whitening sessions after attachment removal. But, in some cases, there were no such issues. Hence, it is fact that the results may vary and your treatment plan gets modified accordingly.

So, if someone asks about how feasible it is to whiten your teeth while wearing the Invisalign? Experts will suggest doing it under the guidance of a renowned orthodontist. A lot of studies suggest that the whitening process gives optimized results after the completion of the Invisalign treatment. Moreover, caring for the teeth during realignment should involve good hygiene habits that include brushing, flossing to improve the appearance and maintain oral health. make an appointment with accredited invisalign provider who is the best to guide you regarding the suitable option according to your budget and dental condition.

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