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by on May 6, 2021
Trainee translated into Portuguese to say "training", ie, companies define as a candidate who is almost forming, or most of the time is a newly formed and is seeking placement opportunities in the labor market . However, this type of “position” can be mistaken as an internship, but it is totally different. Because, companies have a program that involves various types of training and courses for people who are already trained in the area. Trainee Source: Emily Ranquist In other words, the hired person will be trained by the company in question for a period that goes from 1 to 2 years, receiving a compatible salary, and with the objective of future these employees to occupy great positions, as a manager for example. Therefore, the institutions seek young professionals with a lot of potential to bring results. I want to be a trainee engineer, now what? First of all, I’ll start by telling you that it’s not an easy process ! Especially because it is a position that many young graduates dream of having. In this way, I will explain a little how the selection processes for this type of program work in general. SELECTION STEPS Generally, companies receive thousands of applications for the process, and it all starts with screening these resumes based on the profile of the person they are looking for. Subsequently, registrants undergo online tests that are behavioral, growth mentality and tenacity . Below are more specified what the tests are: Know more about the computer networks. Specific knowledge; Knowledge of languages; Technical knowledge Paleographic test ; Concentrated Attention (CA); QUATI (Typographic Evaluation Questionnaire); IQ test; Inventory of social skills; Zulliger test in the comprehensive system; Logical reasoning; Non-verbal intelligence test; IFP (factorial personality inventory); Noting that not all of these tests are applied, however, they are some examples of those made by candidates, everything will depend on the company and the vacancy.
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