Estes Concaves
by on May 7, 2021

A combine harvester concave system is a very important part of a combine harvester. For farmers, a combine harvester has become an essential investment. Investing in this valuable equipment can help them automate their harvesting making it more efficient. The combine harvester helps farmers to improve the yield quantity as well as the yield quality. For all this to happen in a seamless manner, it is important that the best concave system be available.

The concave system is a part of the harvester and is present at the front of the combine. This concave system helps to harvest crops more effectively. It also helps in solving various problems that occur during harvesting like crop loss. This is the reason farmers are investing in the best combine harvester concave system.

What Is This System?

The combine harvester concave system is a part of the combine that helps in the threshing process and helps to enhance the overall effectiveness of the harvesting process. A farmer can buy the system from the manufacturer or can get it in the aftermarket. When this system is used, it ensures that the threshing efficiency is improved. The threshing happens in a seamless way so that the grain is properly separated from the stalk and there is no damage to the grain. Neither is there any grain missed out while threshing. The system thus acts as a boon for the farmer.

Using the concave system can help the farmer improve the grain quality. Since the threshing is done more effectively, a cleaner grain sample can be obtained. A better quality of grains, without cracks, pods, or damage allows a farmer to earn more money. Quality yield has a direct benefit on the profitability of the farmer. All these can be done through proper adjustments in the concave system.

Why Use The Concave System?

A good quality combine harvester concave system is expensive. Investing in it requires funds and many farmers wonder whether it is worth investing the money. The answer is yes! Investing in a good concave helps farmers to get good ROI (return on investment). This is possible thanks to the many benefits that farmers can get by using the system.

• A single concave system can be used to harvest different types of crops. Whether the crop being harvested is wheat, soybean, corn, canola, rye, oats, or sunflower it can be done easily just by making settings changes.

• The concave system ensures efficient threshing, thereby improving the yield of the grain harvested and also the quality of the grain.

• The problem of crop loss can be solved by using a good concave system.

• The overall effort and time spent in the harvesting process can be reduced by using a good combine concave. These savings will benefit farmers in the long run.

When farmers invest in a good combine concave system, they can expect the best results from it. The good ROI offered ensures that they can earn more from the harvest and thus improve their profitability.
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