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by on May 11, 2021
With new variants and designs entering the market on a daily basis, hair extension types and styles are continually evolving. Nano ring extensions are amongst the latest hair extension developments. These are hair extensions with a nano ring on one end that connects to your natural hair. As the name might suggest, these rings are a fraction of the size of micro rings; in fact, 90% smaller. To put things in context, they're about the size of a ballpoint pen nib, making them difficult to see.

Nano Ring Hair Extension Suppliers offer the product with keratin tips, having a small synthetic or metal loop; this loop runs into the nano ring accompanied by a few hair strands. Since they don't need any chemicals or heat to add or take off, the extensions are amongst the least damaging ones, which helps to safeguard your natural tresses. Here are some of its unique features you must know.

Smaller size

The most obvious benefit of buying from Nano Ring Hair Extension Suppliers is a small size— they blend in perfectly with natural hair and are undetectable. They're also available in a variety of colours to complement your hair roots and mingle in more easily.

Safe for use

Nano rings are fully secure and practical when fitted by a professional. The fact that they are not fastened with glue adds to their protection and makes them soft on the scalp. They are also simple to remove, but it should be done by a professional to avoid causing harm to your hair.


Nano rings extensions are pretty secure if properly fitted. The stand-by-stand system is used to secure them in place throughout the fitting process. These extensions will last up to six months if cared for correctly and with the right aftercare items.

Boon for thin hair types

Nano ring extensions are suitable for women with thin hair. They do not cover the entire hair area but only half of the head and are completely undetectable.

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