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by on May 18, 2021
Is ‘Breadcrumb’ a new word to your dictionary? Well, Breadcrumb in SEO has a great effect on SEO. It helps to enhance the UX of the website and further improves the crawlability. When we talk about SEO, we usually talk about the links, keywords, rankings, and content, but we forget about talking about Breadcrumbs. Well, well, well, we are not talking about the tasty breadcrumbs here, instead, we are speaking of the breadcrumbs that enhance the site’s navigation. So what exactly are these? Breadcrumbs are the navigational feature that is used on your website and can have a massive impact on your SEO and provide a seamless user experience. Basically, breadcrumbs are the website links that allow the users to see where they are on the website and see how far they can are. These are usually found near the navigation bar or just at the top of the website.

Benefits Of Using Breadcrumbs For SEO

Increases Site Rankings

Oh Yes, breadcrumbs can make Google happy! Google uses breadcrumbs to contextualize and conceptualize content. Breadcrumbs are great for websites that have local servers such as salons, restaurants, and more. Not just that by implementing breadcrumbs to the site, you increase the chance of getting ranked in the top 10 results pages of Google.

Enhances UX

Providing a seamless user experience is what your website should strive for and that’s what breadcrumbs do. Breadcrumbs provide easy navigation to the website. For instance, you are surfing through a website, you can easily go back and forth with an easy menu. This means the users can easily go to the page they are looking for with just a click. This is definitely handy and helps in enhancing the user experience and further helps in the website rankings.

Keep Your Audiences Stay Longer

We know that the bounce rate doesn’t affect directly the SEO, but it does affect. Breadcrumbs help in solving the UX issues and help the user navigate easily through the site. By adding breadcrumbs to your site, you can easily see a drastic improvement in your website’s traffic.


All in all, breadcrumbs are a simple solution to give your website a makeover and help it stand out on the search result pages. Not just that, you can incorporate breadcrumbs in the WordPress website easily. You can go to Yoast SEO settings and you will get an option for Breadcrumbs, enable them and you are good to go. After all, a good user experience will surely add to a great SEO experience. No matter how much you try with the traditional, trying on new things will definitely help your website rank better.
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