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by on May 20, 2021
Microsoft Edge allows you to customize themes to make the browser look good and feel the new experience with background images and custom colors. If you have multiple profiles, these themes can help you out to separate the different profiles. In this blog, we will guide you on ways to apply customized themes on Microsoft Edge. Steps to customize the Edge theme Open Microsoft Edge on your browser. Click on the three dots that appear at the upper-right corner of the screen. Tap on the Settings. Under the settings icon, hit the appearance. You will get three options on the Default theme option, like light, system default, or dark theme. Click on any one theme and get started. Steps to use Custom Theme on Microsoft Edge If you want to add more themes to your browser, click on the custom theme option. Under settings, click on the Microsoft Edge Add-on store or the other stores’ link. Once you click on the Microsoft Add-on store, you will be redirected to the themes page to get the featured themes from Microsoft. If you want to add a new theme, tap on the Get button. You need to confirm that you want to add a theme to your browser. Go to the Customize browser section of the settings page and click the Remove button if you no longer want. If you want to add a new theme, click on the other store button under the Custom theme icon. You will see unlimited themes on the chrome web store, and you can browse your personalized theme. Select the theme you want from the chrome web store and click on the Add to chrome button. How to Remove Custom Themes Open Microsoft Edge on your browser and click on the settings button. Tap on the Appearance icon. Click Remove to remove a particular theme. Change Theme in Microsoft Edge Launch Microsoft Edge on your system. Tap on the three-dot option that appears at the top-right corner of your screen. Click on the Settings. Select the Appearance option under settings. On your right side, you will see a lot of themes. You need to choose one. Close the settings icon. Install Google Chrome Themes on Microsoft Edge Open Microsoft Edge on your device and type the below command on the address bar. edge://flags/#edge-allow-store-extension-themes Click on the Allow installation of external store themes from default to enabled. If you want to see the new changes, you need to restart the browser by clicking on the Restart button. You have now restarted your browser, and you need to start installing themes. Go to the Chrome Web store theme page to find an option to add extensions from the chrome store to Edge. Tap on the X button to close the notifications. You need to click on the Allow extensions from other stores to change the settings from default to enable. Browse the different themes according to your personalization and click the Add to Chrome button. After clicking on the button, the new theme will install on Microsoft Edge. How to Uninstall Google Chrome Theme on Edge Want to remove a Google Chrome theme on Edge, follow the below steps. Click on the Settings> Appearance. Tao on the Remove button to uninstall the theme from Edge. Conclusion Microsoft Edge is coming with a variety of features. One of the features is that you can change or customize Edge or Google Chrome themes applying some methods according to your interests. Also, learn how to remove the theme on Microsoft Edge. Ella johnson has extensive expertise in Microsoft Office and has spent a good part of her life working in the technical industry. Ella has written several technical blogs, manuals, and reviews for several renowned websites. source: Ways to Apply Customized Theme on Microsoft Edge
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