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The feed pellet machine is a machine used to produce feed pellets from readily available agricultural materials .The feed pellet machinesproduction vary in size, from 50kg/h to 1000kg/h or even larger.
Pellets are produced in the mills by pressing the raw material against small round holes in the die. The material is pressed against the die and into the holes by the roller until reaching the desirable length. At this point the pellets are cut by a knife outside of the die and fall into a storage area. Before all of this happens the raw material is treated in the mill's conditioner which may be utilized to add liquid to the raw material. This process enhances the machine's capacity and results in firmer pellets.
Pellet mills generally contain one of two die types: the flat die or the ring die. The size of the holes in the die range from two to ten millimeters. The die plate's thickness determines the durability of the pellets and may be as thick as 100 mm. These components are commonly made from metal alloys, stainless steel or chrome. This is to withstand high pressures within the die which may reach up to 172,000 kPa (25,000 psi).
What's the difference between ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet machine ?
1. Feeding way: ring die pellet mill adopts machine forced feeding, materials enter the granulating chamber with high speed rotary and distribute through scraper to ensure feed evenly; while the flat die depends on the materials weight, it directly enters into the suppress room, it can feed evenly.
2. Pressure: in the same diameter mould, the pinch roller of ring die is limited by the mould diameter, so the pressure is restricted; however, the flat die can add the inside the bearing space, choose a big bearing to increase the bearing capability, which not only improve the press power of pinch roller, but also prolongs the life.
3. Discharging way: ring die belongs to high rotary speed, the materials percentage of damage is high, while the percentage of damage of flat die is low.
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