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by on May 25, 2021
Have you ever dreamed of driving a supercar that will always be noticed on the road? Whether it's the engine's distinctive roar or the unparalleled design, such supercars can never be missed. However, these supercars are enormously expensive.
If you want to spend it all and drive one, you have to do everything you can to take good care of it. You reap a great reward that's worth all the effort you put into taking care of your supercar.
To help you get started, we've compiled this handy guide that takes you through the ins and outs of what it means to own, and maintain, a supercar.
Only use the right tyres
Your tyres have a lot to do with how your car performs. A supercar operates at specialised levels because of its construction and engine. However, the right tyres play an equally vital role in its performance.
Getting your tyres spot on not only improves the handling and comfort of your drive, but also drastically reduces the potential for damage. You're advised to get high-performance tyres with a firm grip, which's recommended by your manufacturer.
Always use genuine or OEM parts
As it goes with any type of car, you'll be required to change a few parts during routine repairs at some point. However, while you can take a risk with lower-end vehicles when it comes to using aftermarket parts, you mustn't make such choices with your supercar.
A general tip is to avoid sparing any costs for the maintenance and repair of your supercar. For any repairs, you must only use original parts provided by the manufacturer.
Always rely on brand specialist mechanics
Modern supercars are incredibly dense with all the technology in them. It goes without saying that it should only be handled by highly-qualified mechanics with years of experience.
If you don't have access to the agencies, it's best to opt for workshops that specialise in high-performance vehicles.
Get a proper service done regularly
This tip offers a two folded benefit. One, you ensure that your supercar is always at ideal performance levels. Two, a complete service history boosts the resale value of your supercar, if and whenever you plan to sell it.
Get regular car detailing work done
A supercar's performance is only half of the appeal, with the other half being how it looks. Getting the right car detailing service is vital to keep your supercar looking supreme. A thorough car waxing and polishing by a professional car detailer will keep the shine on, and add some protection.
This is crucial, especially in a region like the UAE. The combination of heat and dust can take a toll on your supercar's body, but the added protection helps to keep it in proper condition.
Consider ServiceMyCar for all your supercar needs
Now that you're aware of what it takes to ensure your supercar's condition, it's time to figure out where to take your supercar. At ServiceMyCar, we bring all the factors mentioned above and ensure your supercar gets the best care. Apart from super car service we also provide Ferrari repair dubai and abu dhabi.
From Ferrari car detailing, to tyre replacements, to using genuine parts approved by the manufacturer, to giving you access to the region's finest supercar specialist garages, we do it all. Our service packages also ensure that your supercar stays at peak performance levels, allowing you to get the best out of them.
Book any of the repairs mentioned above, or choose one of our service packages on the ServiceMyCar website or app.
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