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by on May 25, 2021
With the high cost of absenteeism for companies, which can cost billions of dollars a year, retail, according to the consultancy, is particularly dependent on face-to-face interactions between customers and store employees, "something that covid-19 has made especially challenging. . " According to Bain, about 88% of global retailers prefer to work with extra workforce than risk running out of staff. This approach leads to high labor costs and lower profits. For the consultancy, what can solve the situation are the technologies of workforce management, substantially increasing the agility and responding to the peaks of activity and employee absenteeism which, according to Bain, would improve the companies' operational performance and profitability . Health data The big data market in healthcare is expected to reach almost 70 billion dollars in 2025 - almost six times higher than in 2016, when it was 11.5 billion dollars. Driven by the covid-19 pandemic, the rapid acceleration of health data collection offers the sector an unprecedented opportunity to leverage and deploy innovative digital resources, such as AI, to improve treatment. "The intelligent use of health data has the potential to dramatically improve patient care," says Bain. Computer networks can have different designs, with the two basic forms being client/server and peer-to-peer networks. The new HR The human resources area has been growing in recent years and estimates indicate that, in 2025, millennials will be responsible for 3/4 of the global workforce. With the entry of more people of this generation into the job market, organizations will need to work with an increasingly digital group, modernizing recruitment. "Using technology to develop an innovative hiring process can improve the performance of HR teams and allow faster identification of the most promising candidates, while meeting the expectations of a new generation of talent," says Bain & Company .
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