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by on May 27, 2021
Research shows that operational efficiency, remote work experience and greater partnership with business executives will be the IT priorities. Can you tell what your company's IT priorities will be when the coronavirus pandemic has stabilized? The COVID-19 brought a scale crisis for many organizations, but for many CIOs and managers of the area, the first decisive action was the home office . However, remote work presented two types of companies: those that had policies and infrastructures to implement this model and those that did not. And we know well that a crisis does not announce a date, making it impossible for leaders to plan ahead. In April this year, IDG Research conducted the COVID-19 Impact Study with 414 IT executives, managers and professionals in the field. The report sought to understand how the pandemic has affected the roles and priorities of these leaders and the long-term effects. Read more: How to Become a Virtual Assistant? According to the survey, most budgets will either remain stable or increase over the next 12 months. Respondents also hope to place a greater emphasis on operational efficiency, expense management and cost control. While commercial collaboration, hiring and training will be in the background in the coming months. The website did an analysis of the research and provided examples of companies that are already planning for a post-pandemic future.
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