by on May 28, 2021
Organizations dealing with customer data and serving their customers directly must consider mobile apps to be an essential part of their business. Mobile apps may help increase business profits by bringing several benefits to the users, and eventually the business. For an organization, it is important to make users aware of its brand. Mobile apps play a significant role in boosting brand visibility.

There is a popular term in marketing known as ‘hammering.’ Whenever a user comes across the app logo, it works as a reminder which helps promote the brand. Every mobile app, these days, is integrated into social media. A user can connect his social media accounts to the mobile app and directly share anything using the app.

Many applications offer attractive schemes like free vouchers, promo codes, discount coupons, etc. To avail of these offers, users themselves share the app with their contacts. In this blog, you will know about the 5 must-have mobile app features if you deal with real estate. You can reach a real estate app development company and get an app developed that has all these features:

User Account

Well, the first essential thing is a user account. The user needs an account to better interact with the app, and the service provider will be able to better understand the user's preferences and send personalized offers. To skip the lengthy registration process, you can add an option to integrate the social media accounts.

Customer Relations Management

CRM solutions are among the most important features for real estate businesses to build better relations with their customers. CRM will enable the app to send important notifications to the property dealers and the customers about their choice of properties. Push notifications and emails will keep the customers updated with the latest insights on those properties. This feature helps boost revenue, retain existing clients, and attract new ones.

User Experience Survey

Just like other shopping apps, a real estate mobile app too should have a feature that allows the customers to share their experiences. Whether they found a property of their choice or not, whether they found it in their preferred location or not, whether they are satisfied with the deal or not. This feedback will help improve the app.

Real-time messaging

Real-time messaging is another must-have feature for real estate mobile apps. Using this feature, the customer can directly reach the property dealer or owner without having their contact numbers. However, it is important to ensure that the feature is quick and hassle-free as poor user experience can result in the loss of a customer.


An online map with schools, hospitals, shops, malls, and other essential facilities marked on it can be a great addition to a real estate mobile app. This feature will make the app more reliable among users. Also, it must show the routes to all the points mentioned in the map to make it convenient for users.


The real estate market is one of the most popular and saturated markets. This fact has made the competition higher and companies are looking for new ways to attract clients. A real estate mobile app can bring favorable outcomes.

These apps are good at optimizing numerous processes, thereby adding to business growth. Though, it is one of the best ways to increase revenue in a real estate business. However, developing a real estate mobile app is not a simple process at all. Most people have no idea of the features and other important details.

Now, as you better understand how a mobile app can transform current practices, you should start looking forward to developing an app by acting thoughtfully and being careful at every step. This is how you can influence more customers to prefer your company.
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