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Hulu is one of the popular streaming services available across the world. And it is the most affordable streaming platform in the U.S. Of course, it is the best because of its numerous movies and TV shows options. But especially, it tops the list due to the subscription cost. The subscription cost of Hulu is lesser than other streaming services like Netflix, which is known as one of the leading streaming platforms as well. Hulu provides a $5.99 per month plan, whereas the lowest cost of Netflix is $8.99 per month. However, it also comes with the advertisement content in between movies and shows with the minimum cost. If you want to enjoy Hulu without ads, you will need to reach for higher plans.
Free method 1: Utilize free Hulu trial offer, and try to attempt for another trial
Well, in case you want the easiest method to get free Hulu, you need to sign up for free trial offers. Whether you sign up for Hulu with ads plan or no ads plan, you will get a free trial for 30 days in both cases. In case you don’t cancel the service before your trial period is over, you will be charged $5.99 per month with an ads plan. And no ads plan will charge $11.99 per month. The usual payment procedure comes with the usability of credit and debit cards to sign up for Hulu. You can also cancel it once your trial period ends. There are other options like signing up for Venmo, AMEX Express Checkout, and PayPal to get a free trial.
Once you have canceled the Hulu subscription or your free trial period ends, you will need to wait for a definite time. Then you can sign up for another free trial on the same account with your debit or credit card. You will be able to get a new Hulu account via utilizing the debit or credit cards of your family or friends. The free trial period for Hulu + Live TV is offered only for seven days before your account is charged for the service.
The service associated with a Hulu with ads plans charges $54.99 per month after the seven-day trial. And plans without ads cost approx $60.99 per month for a seven-day trial. These given prices do not include Hulu + Live TV add-ons. But you can add Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and HBO for additional and separate monthly fees. You can also add access to improved cloud DVR, unlimited screens, and even more for extra money. Here, you can see that prices are starting to add up.
Free Method 2: Find someone to share their account with you
Since the younger age we are taught to share like a good person, don’t we? Because sharing is caring, account sharing does not sound so bad. If there is someone you can find with the paid Hulu subscription, you can persuade them to share their account with you. Well, there will be one beneficial factor that you get to watch Hulu for free. Hulu offers two synchronized stream service on one account for two standard plans, which also includes Hulu + Live TV plans.
So, you need to ensure that your account sharing partners are not taking up the two screens while you use them on a tablet, phone, smart TV, or your PC. Otherwise, your account will end up getting a “too many screens” error. Hulu + Live TV offers an additional service that allows unlimited synchronized streams at home. Also, you get to add up to three mobile devices outside of your home. The additional service costs approx $9.99 per month. Just to remind you that this offer stands for only expensive Hulu + Live TV plans. Hulu can support up to six various streaming profiles on one account. And it is good for people who share the account for free Hulu service, as they can create their profile for preferred channels. With this, you will not interfere with the other profile on the same account.
Free Method 3: You can sign up for Spotify Premium for students
The most popular music streaming service Spotify gives a 50 percent lesser rate for eligible university students. Spotify Premium for students offers a rate of only $4.99 per month, which lasts for four years at least. After signing up, you can add a subscription for Showtime premium cable TV network to the Spotify premium for students account and Hulu with ads subscription. And both of these plans will be offered free. The best thing is, the service starts with the three months rate of just 99 cents each.
If you had already planned to get Spotify, then it is well and good, as you get Showtime and Hulu for free with student offer. If you are an eligible student and planning to get Hulu, then it will at least save $1 from your monthly bill. And you get beneficial factors like Showtime and Spotify. In conclusion, here, you have now seen various methods to save your money on a Hulu subscription.
META- Learn how to get a free subscription on Hulu to enjoy the latest movies and TV shows. Follow these given methods to get your free student pass and save your money.
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