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by on June 10, 2021
Promoting businesses and products gets easier with YouTube marketing. However, it is often overlooked by social media marketers. Most people take it as just a social media network or an online video platform.
Whether you take it as an online video platform or a social media platform, it is beneficial either way. With YouTube, there are countless marketing opportunities to explore. It is even more beneficial if your audience resides on the platform. More than 2 billion people utilize YouTube across the world to serve a different purpose. You can practice marketing strategies by targeting more than millions of audience and users. YouTube has added multiple features over the years and helps to attract users.
No matter how many social networks have risen over the years, YouTube always meets the criteria for your need. More than countable videos gets uploaded every minute. However, the marketing process is not a joke and requires lots of strategies and focus. Let’s take a look at the strategy put together to grow subscriptions, optimize channel, and expand the reach.
Method 1- Create a YouTube Channel for Business Growth
The very first step should be creating a Brand Account on Google. You can create a YouTube channel with the help of your Google account. Only you will be able to access it and will connect the viewers to your email address. As the account will be registered under your name, your viewers may get to connect directly to you.
The brand account helps multiple authorized users to log insignificantly. It does not matter if you do not require this, it is beneficial to grow your business. You can open and manage multiple YouTube channels with the help of a Brand Account.
Method 2- Analyse and Research Your Audience
If you are a beginner in brand promotion on YouTube, you need to learn about YouTube Demographics. The YouTube demographics include quantitative data like predominant age range, where the majority of users live, and viewing preferences. If the audience age range is younger, then keep in mind that Gen Z viewers will dig short content. These days every age range dig up short content, as everyone is running on a busy schedule.
You need to collect qualitative data as well. For example, in 2019, more than 100 million hours of guided meditation videos were viewed. And between 2017 to 2019, videos with the title ‘thrifting in,’ thrift with,’ and ‘how to thrift’ was increased by 10X.
YouTube channel for business provides access to the Analytic tab. If you already acquire one, then you must utilize it to learn about your YouTube audience. Monitor the available demographic stats and watch time. And clear queries like how much overlapping is happening with the audience on social media channels. You need to confirm your assumptions and clear them. You will know if viewers have left comments, then analyze their preferences and interests. Also, you need to visit the community tab as well. In case you need to research specific things, then you can create a poll or post a question for the survey.
Establish a comparison between your YouTube audience with a social audience. Find the content that your audience digs the most, and utilize it for brainstorm ideas. Plan your content according to the targeted audience.
Method 3- Analyze Your Competitors
The competitive analysis procedure on YouTube a compatible space. Conduct an audit of competitors, and identify channels and opportunities. Here are some of the steps you need to attempt, such as:
Identify competitors: Start identifying competitors with the help of Google Ads’ free Keyword Planner. It will help to associate keywords with your brand.
Conduct a SWOT: The SWOT analysis is to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and weaknesses. The method is good to spot what is working and not working. Here, with this framework, you can work on your niche with your YouTube channel.
Method 4- Optimize Your Videos for More Views
YouTube is a popularly known video search engine like Google. The video results are ranked by keywords, titles, descriptions, and other things. Then comes the YouTube recommendation algorithm, which shows 70% of what people view. Optimization helps to show video in top search results for more views. Some of the noteworthy SEO pointers will help you make the top search results, such as:
Include a strong title.
Create an appealing thumbnail.
You need to provide a keyword-rich description.
You should add watermarks, metadata, bumper ads, and links
A reminder should be included to subscribe, like, and share.
Method 5- Work with an Influencer
Nothing is more appealing than showcasing your brand with an influencer. According to the research and Google, 60% of subscribers increase for your brand. If you can arrange to work with one of the popular personalities, their followers might like your brand. Let the influencer do the talking and show features of your product. This strategy will be smooth and will attract millions of viewers.
META- YouTube has always been a popular platform to run brand campaigns, but there is more to it. Learn how to market your brand on YouTube with the following strategy.
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