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by on June 12, 2021
When your AirPod is lost or stolen, it can be found by using Find My Network, but there is a limit to what technology can do.
In case your AirPod has lost its battery charge totally, then it indicates that tracking features of Apple and Find My Network will not be able to help you. Apple is continuously developing its tech ability to locate the lost items, but it still depends on the connection with those devices. This causes problems in retrieving lost items, as in some situations, the connection cannot be established to the device. Apple’s Find My Network features have improvised over the years, which led to the results in a tracking solution and robust location for people who have invested in the company’s hardware products.
Recently, Apple launched one of its gadgets, the AirTag location tracker beacon, which can connect to anything such as a family dog. Now the ability of network tracking of Apple can be used to discover other items, even if it one of the items that cannot connect to the internet.
Stolen, lost, or missing AirPods, AirPods Pro earbuds, and AirPods Max headphones can be tracked easily via Find My Network. But if the earbuds have lost battery power, the network will be unable to connect to find the necessary lost item again. Regardless of situations when the battery is completely exhausted, users will also struggle to locate lost AirPods when the battery is in process of charging. It can only track and locate AirPod at the time of taking outside of the case and has some charge saved in it.
What to do with lost AirPods if the battery is dead?
It is pretty obvious that the connection cannot be established if the AirPods have run out of battery, and also, it will be problematic to set the current location for Find My Network. You can track AirPods separately, which implies that if both are missing, it will be a relief that one of them still has charge and can locate one of them. The same case applies if both of them had some charge left in them before they got lost, then the user will able to track the last location of them. Sometimes, little information can lead to a bigger discovery, and the same can happen if you found the last location, then possibly you will locate their final destination.
However, one thing is worth noting that if it has been a while since you lost your AirPods, then possibly this option will also become useless and will show you an ‘offline’ message as a result. If this turns out to be the case, then Apple will not help find your lost or missing AirPods. After all this, users will be left with nothing but traditional methods to find them, like physically searching for earbuds by following a trail. And the last resort will be left with buying new pairs of earbuds, as the user will be unable to find them manually or failed to address the last location of the earbuds.
META- Worrying about your lost or missing AirPods? Find your Apple device with the help of Find My Network. Read how to find lost Apple earbuds without a battery.
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