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by on June 14, 2021
3.1 billion people, which is nearly one-third of the global population, are on social media.
This simply tells us why companies are concerned about what people like and dislike, and also testing some new features on the basis of likes hiding and likes privacy kind of stuff for the social media-obsessed users.
We all are obsessed with social media. Most people post videos, photos, and stories to seek attention, and know how popular they are in the digital world or among the users is the most concerning thing for social media users. Facebook knows this thing and came up with a solution, which is meant for the people who don’t want to show how many people like the posts. The likes are becoming like a currency, in which people find it rewarding if they get more likes, the brain responds on likes, now one can clearly understand how integral likes have become in the social media world, people are getting tensed by fewer likes and compare their posts with others that what they are missing. Now two big social media platforms Instagram and Facebook, are lowering the tension of users.
Social Media Giant Facebook has announced that everyone can now hide likes on Instagram and Facebook posts. This means, now you can now hide any likes you’ve received on your post. This means that you don’t have to worry about who liked your post so far. In this case, you can now completely change the data game with the help of this Facebook option.
With this new feature, you will now have the option to hide the likes of all your posts. That is, no other user will be able to see how many likes he has received on your post. In this case, you can now post photos and videos without worrying about likes.
You can choose the option to hide likes before sharing any post. You can also turn it on or off by going to Settings. This feature will be rolled out to users within the next few weeks.
Instagram is testing this feature since 2019. Professional influencers ae not liking this change as they get paid off on how many likes, views, and comments. The metrics are going to be changed or altered by this new change. This is the major concern for the influencers.
The metrics remain intact no matter what the users’ settings. People can still like other posts that are not altered by this new feature, and if a user chooses the hiding option, they can still see the like counts on their posts.
We tested it to put pressure on people on our platform, Instagram said in a statement. When we learned from experts and people that they benefited from hiding likes for a while, many didn’t even like this feature. Because in today’s social media age, people’s entire lives rest on likes, and that’s why a post or user trends. In that case, we want to give users an option.
Let’s say social media giants have come up with many features before. Many like such features, while some dislike these features also. It is clear that Facebook will test this feature for some time to come and if people don’t like it, there is no denying that the company can delete it. But at the moment, it’s a great pleasure for users who don’t get many likes on their posts.
Most of the users don’t even bother to change settings anyway for this feature, so this new feature is not a problem for them, but for the users who are either in favor of this new setting or opposing, they are surely going to know more about it, till now the best part is that this feature is optional and you can see all the details about your likes it is not public anymore, which is fine as 43 percent of teens feel bad with the few likes which they get on their posts.
Meta Data – Social media platforms Facebook and Instagram are launching a new feature in which you can hide your likes. Does it really matter? Find out the full update.
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