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by on June 14, 2021
People who get a lot of photos by mail will get a superb button on Gmail, through which one can save the photos directly on Google photos with this new button.
As the new android version is here, the changes for various Google products are helping the users in a better way, either it is the eco-friendly driving route on Google maps or this whole new button, users are getting engaged and feel more interconnection between the Google products as there are plenty of useful apps in the bouquet of Google.
The new feature of Gmail will be positioned beside the existing ‘Add to Drive’ button, where the photo of the e-mail is attached as a preview. Google, in its update, said that the new feature of Gmail would be available only for JPEG images.
A new feature rollout has been done by Google, which will significantly facilitate Gmail users. Users will be able to save the photo of the e-mail directly from their account to Google Photo. The new update of Google will be known as Save to Photo button. At present, the new Save to Photo feature of Gmail will be available only for JPEF format. The feature will be available for personal Gmail users, G Suite Basic, Google Workplace, G Suite Business Customer in the next few weeks. Users will surely be going to find it helpful as the procedure is simple and sorted.
New feature to be rolled out in 15 days
After the new Gmail update, when you see a photo attachment in the Gmail message, you will be able to save the e-mail photo directly to the Google photo. It will be possible with the Save to photo button of Gmail.
According to the company, the new feature will allow users to download photos from Gmail and back them up on Google Photo manually. This feature will be by default. In this way, users will be able to choose the ‘Save photo’ option. Google will gradually roll out the new feature of Gmail in the next 15 days.
The rule will come into effect from the 1st of June.
Google has announced that backup of new high-quality photos and videos will be counted in the 15GB free space users get in Google account by default from June 1. You need to take a Google one-paid subscription for more storage. The company said your old high-quality photos and videos would not affect new changes. According to the company’s estimates, about 80 percent of users will be able to store their high-quality photos and videos in 15GB storage for three years. When your 15GB is about to run out of free, you’ll be sent a notification from Google.
YouTube Tax from 1st June
It has become common to make money by making videos on YouTube and uploading them. But earnings from YouTube may have to be taxed from June. However, YouTube will not be taxed by US content creators. But content creators from all over the world will have to pay tax on YouTube earnings. However, you only have to pay taxes for the views you have received from American viewers. The new tax scheme of YouTube will be introduced from June 2021. The tax will also cover Indian YouTube content creators who will have to pay 24 percent per month tax on earnings. YouTube content creators will have to disclose their earnings before May 31 under the new rule. In this case, Google will collect the tax from YouTube content creators at 15 percent. On the other hand, the company user will be charged 24 percent tax for non-disclosure of earnings by May 31.
Meta Data – A lot of changes are going to happen from the 1st of June, YouTube tax and a new button for direct saving images to Google Photos. Check out the full update.
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