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Get the audiometrists at the hearing clinic in Sydney to tend to you!

Hearing is a process that has more aspects and dimensions than a lot of other systems in the body and this is what makes it so beautifully complex.

If even a single of these parts or processes is not functioning as it should, this will cause a loss of hearing and affect your ability to perceive sound.

If you have ever been to audiometric testing in Sydney with the complaint of not being able to hear too clearly, they may have asked you to get a tympanometry test done. What is it?

You are about to find out.

What is tympanometry testing in Sydney?

The ear is segmented into different portions and the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear are the major ones. In the middle ear lies the eardrum which is a thin flap of skin and when hit by sound, it vibrates.

The tympanometry testing in Sydney is a test that is designated to measure the function and the movement of this eardrum in the middle ear.

Here are some terms you should be familiar with before the audiometric testing in Sydney

While undergoing tympanometry testing in Sydney, you may want to get to know what the following means:

  • Tympanic membrane: This essentially refers to the eardrum
  • Tympanometry: A test that is done to determine the air pressure in the middle ear
  • Tympanometer: The device that is used to perform the test
  • Tympanogram: The results of the tests that are plotted on a chart

When is a tympanometry test done?

The audiometric testing in Sydney is carried out to determine the number of things and these are:

  • The function of the eardrum
  • Fluid in the middle ear
  • A hole or aberration in the eardrum that is causing the problem
  • Eustachian tube problems
  • Loss of hearing and to probe the source of it
  • Tinnitus that emanates as a result of loss of hearing

Why should you waste no time in going to the hearing clinic in Sydney?

Hearing Aids’ Professionals is a hearing clinic in Sydney that has trained audiometrists who understand the functioning of the human hearing and can provide help when there is a discrepancy.

Among the many services provided, are:

  • Hearing assessment wherein the audiometrists check for any issues in the hearing
  • Hearing aid discussion for those who wish to go in for the hearing aids and want to know how these will affect their daily life
  • House visits for those who do not wish to leave the comforts of their home and visit the clinic
  • Mobile audiometric testing
  • Industrial deafness claims for those whose professions have been a cause of their hearing loss
  • Pre-employment tests for those whose profession requires them to have their hearing checked
  • Tinnitus management for those who experience a ringing or constant buzz in the ear
  • Hearing Aids’ Professionals is also an NDIS plan management provider in Sydney for those who live with a disability and experience hearing loss

The hearing clinic in Sydney has every need covered.

The mobile audiometric testing has been a hit!

People do not want to travel far these days especially during times of pandemic. Thus, a testing facility that is interspersed between towns and does not require you to make the long trip is great!

People are all up for it. Mobile audiometric testing means that you can go to your nearest centre and have your hearing tested instead of going to the main clinic.

Hearing is an integral part of who you are. The birds chirping, the neighbourhood kids playing, the dog barking and other such noises fill up your day and you shouldn’t lose that experience.

Let the audiometrists help you with it. Let them set you up with some of the most superb quality hearing aids that you’ve ever come across.

The tympanometry test has helped many who have come in with complaints of conductive hearing loss. It can help you too. Book your appointment now!

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