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by on June 16, 2021
In a very surprising piece of news, Samsung somehow accidentally spilled the beans and leaked the details of a forthcoming and yet-to-be unveiled Tablet range product on its German-language-based product page.
And, the credit should be given to WinFuture as the website has been attributed to the popularization of the news throwing the company off guard. Also reported by a reliable source “Forbes,” the product has been dubbed as “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE” (FE being an acronym for fan edition). If the term “Fan Edition” sounds familiar to you, then there is no wonder because the name has a striking resemblance to another product released as a surprise edition of 2020 called “Galaxy S20 FE.” The product was shipped to the stores in the earlier part of this year, and it was reported that the marquee product did have some issues, such as display problems. However, with the product’s cost-effectiveness in combination with high-end hardware, the device quickly captured the imagination of all the frantic Samsung users.
And, it will not be a surprise if Samsung releases the product soon enough because, like any other company, it must look to build on the success achieved by the preceding product. Yet, it is imperative to remark that the specification list is not as impressive as it is found in the smartphone products released by the same company. And speaking of the specification, it is important to mention the fact that the leak alluded to the fact that the upcoming product will have a 12.4-inch LCD panel in the form of an FHD display screen instead of an OLED panel and a refresh rate of about 60 Hz.
And, if we put the upcoming tablet range in juxtaposition with an existing Smartphone released by Samsung (even the lower-end ones), the use of an LCD panel in place of an OLED panel is more of a surprise than a disappointment. And, even the newly released “Galaxy S20 FE” device also had an OLED-panel-powered FHD display with an impressive refresh rate of 120 Hz. However, some tech experts have pointed to the fact that some of the touch-screen issues users experience while using “Galaxy S20 FE” can be attributed to the fact that they tried to embed 120 Hz of refresh rate very modestly priced product. Forbes did talk to “Explained” about the issues in “Galaxy S20 FE,” and if you like to know the details, you can go to the Forbes website and look for it. And, now the reports are suggesting that the leaked Tablet range dubbed as “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE” might be a better iteration of the 2020 surprise edition, and it will not have the problems that users experienced with “Galaxy S20 FE.” The Korea-based company might be looking to rectify the problems whilst maintaining the same price.
Other specifications of the leaked-out product include an impressive 4GB RAM capacity (but it is less than “Galaxy S20 FE,” which had a minimum RAM of 6GB), a good processor of Qualcomm of 750G, flexible storage, and a staggering battery capacity of 10,090mAh. The camera specifications have Samsung’s approval stamped all over it with an 8MP front camera and 5MP back camera. Apart from the display, some experts are also pointing towards the degradation of RAM though the specifications do point towards the midrange quality of the phone.
However, what is good about the upcoming device is that “S Pen” will be part of its features. Several experts have agreed the S Pen is one of the primary attractive facets of the Samsung tablet, and it will continue to attract users regardless of the price range.
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Accidentally, someone revealed the specification list of the upcoming Tablet range dubbed as “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE.” Let us look into the matter.
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