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Here are tips to find moving companies in Maine. You can ask friends, search online, or check with realty agents for Maine movers.

Hiring the best and affordable moving company is always a dream. And it is no different while you are moving to Maine. Here, I discuss how you could find affordable moving companies in Maine. However, you need to remember that this is not limited to Maine and you can find movers in any state using these tips.

Ask your friends and coworkers for references

While in the office, you discuss the moving plan with your friends and coworkers. Someone in their friend circle would have recently moved and you may get multiple suggestions on moving company names. This will help you understand the top-rated movers in Maine. Also, you can get the contact numbers of the satisfied clients and the companies which will help you know the experience much closely.

Ask local realty agents
One of the best ways to know the best moving companies in your area is to contact the local realty agents. Since they work closely with the moving industry, they would be able to give truthful observations about movers in Maine. Property agents can also help you identify whether a specific mover is reliable or not.
Check the yellow pages
Search the yellow pages as most top-rated movers will advertise their companies in yellow pages. You will get the names and local addresses of moving companies there.
Moving websites are also good options

Browse online and you will stumble upon multiple websites. Connect with them over the call and enquire about the deals. Most moving companies offer free moving quotes over the phone and you can proceed further if these quotes fit into your budget.

How to go with a moving quote?

You should not limit to just one moving quote, instead, approach multiple movers in Maine. Collect a minimum of 4 moving quotes and compare them. Cross-check if everything you need is included in the quote. If anything is missing out, talk with the moving company and try to include it in the quote. Analyze how much difference it is making to the quote.
Do not finalize a moving quote unless you are satisfied with it.

Check whether the moving quote covers special items
Do you have a piano at home or an aquarium? Your moving company should be professionally competent to relocate it to the new home. Special moving quotes can be expensive because the workers are professionally trained and specialized to handle the task. Special moving services promise: • Tension-free moving of all special items • Avoids damage to the item • A high-quality packing of the items • Carrying of the items even through narrow passages and staircase
Ensure the mover is genuine

Hire a moving company in Maine that is licensed and certified. This ensures that not only the company is legitimate, but if something goes wrong during the move, there is insurance as a backup. Every moving company needs to be licensed by the United States Department of Transportation. You can ask for its US DOT number or can find it on their website. Verify that the moving company is insured. Ask the moving specialist the type of valuation protection they provide and the costs that will apply for the level of protection of your goods.
There should not be any hidden cost

Before you finalize the moving quote, ensure that the quote is transparent. This means, there are no hidden costs attached. Though most movers follow genuine business, a few red flags exist in Maine that allure clients with lucrative quotes but extra charges attached hidden. For example, it will demand extra charges for minor issues like the absence of a lift, requirement for more packing boxes, etc, putting you in deep trouble. When you do the proper homework, finding an affordable mover in Maine is not a tough task.
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