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by on June 21, 2021
Pharma Ayurvedic Weight Gainer has the perfect combination of Ashwagandha, Satavari, and Swet Musli which can build up your ideal weight so that you won't feel tired even after working for long hours. The whole product is picked right from the plants which are naturally grown in the scattered parts of India.
The foundation of a weight-gaining diet program is the calories that you intake in your food. Our Weight Gainer is specially formulated after evaluating the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) and then adding extra calories to it. Ingredients such as ayurvedic nutritious Ashwagandha, Satavari have been added to help support muscle mass, energy levels, weight gain, make the immune system and resistance power strong. We create a nutrient-rich and delicious powder supplement to help you achieve the physique you're looking for.
This weight gain supplement powder is made from pure high-quality vegetarian ingredients that are naturally part of your body.
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