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by on June 21, 2021
Staying fit and healthy has become essential for our lives to keep our immunity strong and sickness-free. Sure, hitting the gym, going for a job seemed like a regular activity; however, it looks like a luxury after the harsh hit by COVID-19.


It all started when the new pandemic guidelines got into action, including the refrainment from moving outdoors.

Working out to stay fit is just one factor. How about the time when you need to see a doctor? The fear of catching the virus will follow everywhere you go; however, visiting a doctor cannot be avoided as well.

Keeping this in mind, a Berlin-based company decided to bring the doctor to you.


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Ada Health: Monitor Your Health at Home

The Ada Health application is an AI-integrated app that enables users to enter information regarding their symptoms and keep a check on their health. The application is free to download by the users, after which a few questions need to be answered for further advice.

As per Ada, it is one of the most accurate symptom assessment apps.

The Enterprise has Secured $90 Million in Series B Funding

Initially, in 2017, the company raised $47 million, after which continuous efforts are being made to extend its operations.

Before giving the app access to the public, it was targeted at doctors to help them in an improved patient health assessment.

Incredibly, now the company has managed to secure an amount of $90 million in Series B funding, while the app has already been downloaded 11 million times. Not only this, but the app supports up to 10 languages.

Isn’t that awesome?

Are you intrigued? Think of the ways in which building a telemedicine app can benefit your business if you’re hooked up with the healthcare industry.

Are you still not convinced? Here’s what you need to know!

How Can Building a Telemedicine App Benefit Your Business?

Many businesses are looking forward to contributing to the healthcare industry by building a telemedicine platform. Others are adding a virtual element to their traditional approach. Therefore, you must know about the opportunities it has got to offer:

1. Working Flexibility for Staff

There’s no doubt when we mention that doctors overwork to save ‘n’ number of lives. Apart from that, many patients with common flu symptoms panic and rush to the hospital to get their health monitored.

Here’s when a telemedicine app can do wonders. It can eliminate the need to crowd a hospital, making it easy for the staff to take only the emergency cases without wasting any time.

The technological solutions can also help automate activities like automatic billing, transcriptions, etc.

2. Quicker Solutions

Again, patients do not need to physically visit a doctor in case of a minor cold or fever. A telemedicine app can make the whole mechanism much easier by enabling patients to connect with the doctor via an app, and it’ll be done!

3. Enhanced Convenience

Offering convenience to the users is the primary objective of any business, and it is exactly what users demand. Therefore, building such an app will eliminate the need to travel all the way to the doctor’s clinic in sickness.

4. Easy Access to Specialists

Sometimes, the users’ locations might not have any nearby clinics or specialists at a particular clinic.

What would they do in such a situation?


Monetizing From a Telehealth App

Any business would invest its time and money at a place that offers higher returns in the future. Thus, to monetize via a telehealth app, here are a few models you must know:

1. Subscription Model

One of the basic plans includes the subscription model, which demands a monthly or yearly payment. Both the parties will need to pay a certain amount to use the software. You can also offer membership plans to the people opting for quarterly or yearly plans with discounts. Undoubtedly, such a model has a lot of potential to draw more users.

2. Advertisement Model

Advertisements can generate enormous leads for people; therefore, you can use your platform for advertising. All you need to do is present the advertisers ads on your platform, and in return, they can pay you a good deal.

3. Franchising Model

Telehealth apps have gained tremendous popularity because of the exceptional convenience offered to users. Thus, you can distribute its franchise worldwide to earn money.

In a Nutshell

Building a telehealth app can be challenging; however, it will be equally rewarding once the project is live.

As per the market trends, the demand for such an app is huge and can help skyrocket your business. Therefore, if you’re looking for a perfect project plan, mobile app developers in Germany will pave your way to success.

Do you have an exceptional app idea? Work with the professionals and turn your vision into reality in no time.

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