by on June 24, 2021
Automation in construction business launched drones that are helpful in making construction activities easier and cost-effective. One of the biggest drawbacks of the construction industry was its hesitance to adopt automation. And as a result, the construction sector faced serious challenges for long decades. The productivity was seriously hampered and the cost overrun was a common factor. The construction projects took long years to complete and missing out on deadlines was quite frequent. However, automation in the construction business became the new trend of late. And the biggest visible impact is the usage of drones or unarmed air vehicles (UAVs). Drones helped to cut down the complexities at construction sites and took over the tasks which otherwise were dangerous, dull, or dirty. Here, we discuss the impact of automation in the construction business and the benefits of drones. Topographic Mapping and Land Surveys At construction sites, it is crucial to consult topographic maps while planning complex, large-scale construction projects because they help to detect the mistakes in details that can hamper the entire project before they are commenced. Despite helpful, topographic maps are costly and time-consuming to prepare. And due to this reason, it is not always possible to update maps during the start of a job. Drones are implemented at construction sites for their ability to map vast quantities of land in a short span. This would ensure not only that the project stays on schedule and within the budget, but also confirm accuracy before a project is initiated. In addition, the high-resolution images captured by drones can be manipulated into 3D models, permitting one to pinpoint challenges during pre-construction and spot mistakes in the scope, cutting downtime and money in the long run. Equipment tracking and automating One of the common challenges that project managers face is forgetting the place where equipment is kept at a job site. Generally, there are a ton of lengthy spreadsheets involved that can quickly turn into an Excel nightmare. And using a drone, you can do a flyover and quickly assess if the equipment is where it needs to be. Also, using this technology, it is possible if a piece of equipment is still on-site that should be terminated, preventing expensive accidental extension charges. Equipment malfunction is another major issue that needs to be tackled. The recording functionality of drones could be used to remotely access what issues are taking place and provide visual representations that aid in communicating the issues. The recorded data could be sent very comfortably to repair technicians at equipment rental companies for quicker and more accurate diagnostics even before they make it to the worksite. Remote monitoring and progress reports Drones provide impressive aerial views that clients can use to understand the project’s progression, especially when they are not able to be physically present on a site. This ensures that their money is properly utilized. In addition to client communications, drones can also enhance internal collaboration within the team. During a flyover, a drone can send information to your software. Design teams, engineers, construction managers, workers, and owners can access the data at the same, follow the project, and catch any mistakes that may have occurred. Security surveillance One of the biggest issues is the loss of equipment, especially stolen. Having a boom lift or excavator stolen can leave you out tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Studies prove that about $300 million worth of construction is stolen from job sites every year, the recovery rate is lesser than just 25% of it recovered. However, when you have a drone at a worksite, it is possible to conduct a flyover and quickly locate if a piece of equipment is in a secure enough location. Using the surveillance camera, it is also possible to restrict the access of unauthorized people to construction sites. Drones were brought in as an outcome of automation in the construction business. And that proves to be highly beneficial for the industry.
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