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by on June 28, 2021

Are you one of those looking for the ideal methods to resolve the error code 78 on a Brother printer? Have you become tired of searching for the solution to the error code 78? If yes, you are where you should be. In the article, we will introduce you to several excellent methods to help you rectify the error code 78. The article includes both the causes and the solutions. Any Brother printer user can get rid of the issue quickly once he follows the steps correctly. Let's take a quick look at the causes first.

The Basis Cause for the Error Code 78 on Brother Printer

Before you attempt to resolve the error code 78 on your Brother printer, you first need to know the reasons behind the Brother printer error code. The causes have been mentioned below:

The error code 78 appears on a Brother Printer when one suddenly shuts down their printer using a PC.

  • When the files that work for your printer become corrupted, the error code appears.
  • If some files are missing on your system, you can face the error code.
  • The installation of some incorrect files.
  • If any paper is stuck inside the printer, the occurrence of error code 78 is common.

Note: We have introduced you to various causes for the occurrence of error 78. After becoming aware of the reasons, anyone can fix the error code 78 quickly. Let's have a glance at the solutions

Methods to Resolve Brother Printer Error 78

We have provided four effective solutions to shoo away the error code 78. To know how to fix it, read the solutions below:

Method 1

If you ever face the error code 78 on your Brother printer, you can get rid of the errors in minutes by following these steps:

First and foremost, you need to turn on your Brother printer and bring it to the ON mode.

  1. If the printer is not working properly, you need to unplug the printer from the power source.
  2. Keep your Brother printer disconnected from the power supply for about 30 minutes.
  3. Doing so will give your printer rest and make its parts cool.
  4. After 30 minutes, reconnect the printer to the power source and check if the error code 78 is fixed.

Method 2

The error code 78 may often appear due to the sudden power cut. In case the first method did not work to fix the error, the second solution is even greater. Follow the steps:

First, perform the task of turning off your Brother printer and disconnect the power cables from the printer, including USB cables.

  1. The sudden power cut may damage the power cables, so you need to check if the power cables are not damaged.
  2. Try replacing the power cables. The issue will be fixed.
  3. In case the error code still appears, the fusing assembly should be given rest.
  4. The high temperature can cause the error code to appear on your Brother printer.
  5. If the error still persists, try out the third method.

Method 3

To fix the error 78 on your Brother printer, one can follow the instructions given below.

Follow these steps:

You need to put the Brother printer in maintenance mode.

  1. In order to do so, you have to press 2,8,6 and 4.
  2. When the printer is in maintenance mode, you now need to press the 80.
  3. After that, click on the Mono Start button.
  4. Now, reset the purge counter by pressing 2783.
  5. The "000" may appear on your Brother printer.
  6. Finally, press the Stop button.
  7. The process will make the error code 78 disappear.

Method 4

The final method is mentioned below. In order to fix the error code 78, one can follow the steps:

  1. First, turn off your device.
  2. Then, bring your Brother to maintenance mode as in the example mentioned above.
  3. Press 2,8,6, and 4.
  4. Doing so will put your Brother printer in maintenance mode.
  5. As you see a message that says, "Read Maintenance."
  6. Press 9 buttons and allow your printer to reboot.
  7. Turn your Brother printer back to its normal condition after the process.
  8. The steps will cause the error 78 to go away.

Note: Applying the instructions mentioned in the article requires little technical knowledge. If the error code seems difficult to resolve, contact a Brother printer expert.


Like any other printer, Brother printers are also prone to technical errors. One of the most common error codes on Brother printers is 78. We have explained the methods to get rid of it in a simple way. We hope the Brother printer users find the article good enough.

Source: Fix the Error Code 78 on Your Brother Printer

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