by on July 1, 2021
The number of social media platforms that we use everyday are probably more than the stars in the sky. As a matter of fact with an objective to out stand and launch something unique and interesting, developers have been working diligently to bring innovative apps in the market.

Below are a few examples listed of which have turned out to be great as an app and have made the world go crazy around them.

Has been mentioned that digital platforms have become a cliche and very regular. The top winners are the ones which feature something unique with their services and features. The main two elements required for a social media app to be successful are creativity and interactivity. The apps that already exist have covered every single aspect of the above mentioned elements. To stand out from others the question now arises what can be done differently? What is it that can attract more users to your applications?

Here we are to discuss the sort of applications which have given the feature of interactivity in social media networking a totally different definition. We will discuss what kind of app clubhouse is with advantages that it provides. Further we will always shed some light on the topic of its development cost and things one must keep note of while developing this app.

What is Clubhouse App?

To begin with, let’s first understand what clubhouse is. In the simplest of language, clubhouse can be best known as a social media platform where users can communicate via audio clips in place of other multimedia such as videos text or images.

If you are wondering what is so different about this app the answer is simple, with these audio clips users can communicate their thoughts and express their feelings with a better approach.

The pioneers of this app are Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson.

Before going further one must know that this app is strictly available for iOS users only.

Things To Consider While Creating A Social Media App

Mobile Operating System: When you find yourself pondering over developing an app like club house one thing you must make sure is choosing the right mobile operating system. Typically all the users have to choose the first being Android and second iOS. However with providing better app integration and features to their users iOS wins with the heavier weight on its side, which is why any android app development company in Singapore will give such a project a good to go sign for iPhone app development.

Research & Market Analysis: One of the most important steps while even thinking of developing an app like club house is being well read with research and market analysis. Any developer or a giant development company is crucial for them to go through the process search before even laying out the first step of the app development. In this phase you can also find the investor for your marvelous app idea.

This assists developers to analyse the trends that are ongoing in the markets current picture. Going through with this step will make sure that you reach your targeted audience, develop attractive features, know about your competition and have a bright future for the app.

Know the competitors: Like we mentioned previously, researching before the development phase could turn out to be a great help for the app development procedure. While searching you will always come to learn about the tactics of your competitors and then fathom the features that you can pull any your app to stand out from the competition.

Technology to use: If you wish to create an app like clubhouse, you should also start jotting down the list of technology which may be of use to you for building the application. Furthermore you can also use several programming languages such as CDN, hosting platform, database management, etc.

What are the features of Clubhouse?

1. By now you might have learnt that clubhouse's audio based feature can help greatly in discussions and conversations with people. You are on this no and users can communicate with anyone be it their friends or interviews with employees.

2. More features of the clubhouse further allows users to be a part of different rooms that are formed for different purposes. Different rooms could be a medium for carrying out different topics ranging from party planning, talking with friends, family chatting with strangers and even formal debates and discussions.

3. Even after giving the flexibility to connect with people all around the world, the clubhouse app still remains high on the aspect of security while supervising and filtering the content as per strict rules. Silver lining here is that no audio message I recorded and the conversation is given the epitome of security by allowing end to end encrypted chats.

4. While other apps out there are going nuts about the number of active users on the other side of the picture clubhouse is highly focusing on quality rather than quantity.

5. It might be hard to believe but some of really famous celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Kanye West use the clubhouse app, which begs attention to the possibility that a user may get a chance to connect with their favourite celebrity.

How Much Does It Cost To Build an App Like Clubhouse?

If you talk about the cost of development of a rich audio feature app like clubhouse, developers typically spend around $15,000 to $230,000. However one should not simply believe in the numbers mentioned since the cost of building such an app may vary from company to company and also on the operating system that they use.

The final cost estimation of development of an app like clubhouse for iOS can be slightly higher than that of Android.
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