Anna Wilson
by on July 1, 2021
In today's date, there are many types of carpets available in the market ranging from different styles to different fabrics. While some people may favor cotton carpets, others also like to use polyester. People also like to buy carpets made from soft fabric, but polyester is a very popular choice. So if you have a polyester carpet and you are hiring a company for carpet cleaning in Ottawa, you must know what method will be used. Here are two methods profession generally used for cleaning polyester carpets: 1. Shaking Method This is one of the traditional methods in which carpets were cleaned for a long time. You can clean your dirty carpets using this method, however, the carpet should not be stained by chemicals or food items. In this method, smaller carpets are hung on rails or chairs and shaken using a cane. This way the dirt that settles on the carpet starts getting separated from the fabric. Also, it is a method where the carpet is exposed to the sun’s UV rays thus, killing the bacteria and the pathogens. 2. Vacuum Cleaning Method In this method of carpet cleaning, a vacuum is used on the surface of the polyester carpets to remove all the dirt and debris. This is suitable for bigger carpets and carpets that are not commercially used. Using the vacuum, the dirt and the debris can be easily pulled out and the carpet's original color and texture can be brought back. However, the method has to be 2-3 times, so that the carpet is perfectly cleaned from the core of the fabrics. There are other methods like the spot cleaning method, steam cleaning method, and even the dry shampoo cleaning method. However, these methods are used for heavy-duty carpet cleaning and for a Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Ottaw. So, if you are availing. Carpet cleaning services for your office or hotel, you can ask the carpet cleaning company about these methods.
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