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It's full form is BHOSDIKE. You can see full detail of BSDK, BSDK full form, and the full detail of BSDK in the table given below.

The importance of a balanced diet

B. Stomach acid is necessary for digestion of the main food in the raw form. The bacteria also need to be present in order to digest the food easily. In some cases, raw diet can cause intestinal diseases and even starvation of the animal. To prevent this, you should feed them fresh, raw food which contain chemical and mineral supplements as well. B. The main source of good health is as follows. 1. Healthy lifestyle – eating balanced diet and regular exercise; 2. Dental care – dental visit once every six months; 3. Preventive care - regular brushing, regular cleaning of the teeth; 4. Care of skin and eye – in case of infection, general checks, trimming of nails and cleaning. 1. Diseases associated with a specific food: Generally, dogs get diabetes if they eat glucose-rich diet.

The Importance of a Balanced Diet

BHOSDIKE BSDK MSD-5 Citation and Images IDG BSDK Dietary Fiber. According to Forbes and Forbes, "Dietary Fiber is either insoluble in water or semi-soluble, and it helps in weight loss and controls blood sugar levels. Because it increases fullness, it is a preferred food for dieters. Its availability for your dog is very important." The more they eat, the more they need. As animals eat at regular intervals, digestive tract becomes stronger and produces less gas. Vegetables rich in dietary fiber are suitable for both cats and dogs and they can contain 10% or more protein, iron and other nutrients like calcium and vitamin C. Turkey has high dietary fiber, as well as proteins, iron and minerals. It is rich in amino acids like tryptophan, arginine and glutamine.

Overview of a Balanced Diet

Feed your dog a balanced diet Should have dry dog food, canned food, wet dog food Do not feed your dog to much cheese or as much as water as your dog should be fed Dry Dog Food Dry dog food is for dogs who are not accustomed to taking food by hand or by mouth. It can also be called wet food or unprocessed food. There are so many brands of dry dog food these days. Choose one from a reputable brand, there are so many which contain wheat, corn and all the preservatives. Some are ready made and others are a mix of all these. Take the advice of a veterinarian before deciding on one brand to choose. Don't give your dog this brand because his or her teeth have yellow stained gums Don't give your dog this brand because the quality of the food is not good.

Diet for different life stages

Years 1-3 = 5-6 Wh/day Years 4-6 = 7-8 Wh/day Years 7-8 = 9-10 Wh/day Years 9-10 = 11-12 Wh/day Years 11-12 = 12-13 Wh/day Years 13-14 = 13-14 Wh/day Years 14-15 = 14-15 Wh/day Years 15-16 = 15-16 Wh/day Weight growth in young dogs Year 1= 25.2 g/1.000 kg Year 2= 27.5 g/1.000 kg Year 3= 27.9 g/1.000 kg Year 4 = 28.3 g/1.000 kg Year 5 = 29.0 g/1.000 kg Year 6 = 30.8 g/1.000 kg Year 7 = 31.4 g/1.000 kg Year 8 = 32.1 g/1.000 kg Year 9 = 32.8 g/1.000 kg Year 10 = 33.7 g/1.000 kg Year 11 = 34.4 g/1.000 kg Year 12 = 35.6 g/1.000 kg Year 13 = 36.5 g/1.000 kg Year 14 = 37.8 g/1.000 kg Year 15 = 38.5 g/1.000 kg Year 16 = 39.6 g/1.000 kg Year 17 = 40.4 g/1.000 kg Year 18 = 41.0 g/1.000 kg Year 19 = 41.4 g/1.000 kg Year 20 = 41.9 g/1.000 kg Year 21 = 42.2 g/1.


Every dog requires the particular type of food for his or her specific health condition. As a rule, the good quality of food is good for your dog and it helps them to function properly. Therefore, it is recommended that you should give your dog food only which is good for his or her health. In addition, you should try to select a food which is adapted to the nutritional requirements of your dog.
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