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by on July 15, 2021
English is often overlooked when it comes to tutoring because it is assumed children will learn the associated skills from their peers. While a smart friend can help, parents shouldn’t gloss over the idea of hiring a professional English tutor for their child. The value of learning effective communication will not only improve students academic success but may also open doors for better career opportunities and relationships.
Improve Academic Successes
An English tutor can help students succeed in more subjects than English. Learning to articulate one’s thoughts effectively, whether through writing or orally, is essential in nearly every other subject. Whether it’s a presentation in history class or a written explanation as to how they arrived at a particular answer on a math test, the better they can communicate their thoughts, the better their grades will be in other subjects. Reading comprehension and writing skills are also critical for standardized tests and college admissions.
Better Career Prospects
Reading, writing, and communication skills extend well beyond the classroom. Regardless of a college graduates field of study, employers want to hire employees with excellent communication abilities. These are essential in nearly every industry and at every career level, from an entry-level customer service position to executive and leadership roles. With today’s technology, it’s just as important for people to be able to write polished, professional emails as it is for them to give well-planned presentations and field phone calls from clients. The better a person can communicate with others, the better their career prospects will be.
Higher Quality of Life
Communication isn’t just an essential in the business world; it’s also a necessity in every other area of life. People who communicate well with others may enjoy a higher quality of life and better personal relationships. Whether it’s expressing a need to a partner or other family member, asking a friend for help, or expressing gratitude, effective written and verbal communication can improve your sense of self and help you engage in more satisfying connections with others.
An English tutor can help your child improve their life in school, their careers, and their relationships. For the best tutor in New Jersey, send your child to MindsAhead Academy. They offer after-school and summer camp programs to help students between the ages of five and 14 improve their reading, writing, math skills, and more. For additional information about their enrichment programs and enrollment, visit them online or call (732) 791–4848.
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