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by on July 18, 2021

As financial markets witness a new revolution in the form of digital lending platforms, getting a personal loan through a personal loan app has become much easier than it was a decade ago. However, irrespective of the ease of availability, a loan is a liability, and you would have to repay it in the future. Hence you must ask for a loan only when you require it the most. 

One of the best reasons to apply for a personal loan is if you have multiple debt accounts and when you want to consolidate all of them into one. Before you opt for a small loan or a big one, weigh all permutation combinations, and only if the benefits outweigh the risks involved should you go and get one. 

How do you determine the reason to apply for a personal loan? 

Be it debt consolidation, home improvement, funding your next big trip, or a cross-country move, here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before applying for a personal loan. 

How much do you need?

Before applying for a personal loan, consider deciding how much do you exactly need. Apply for a small loan if you do not need bigger funds. Remember, it is easy to take a loan without security, but you would have to pay it back with interest. Cut down on your potential liability and choose a loan amount with care.

What is the period of repayment?

A personal loan is repaid in the form of monthly installments with interest. The period of repayment varies your interest rate and your monthly payments. 

How much interest would you have to pay?

Before you plunge into buying a personal loan, ascertain the interest rate that would apply to your loan amount. This would depend on several factors like your credit score, the term of the loan, and the loan amount. The better your credit score, the lower your interest rate on a personal loan. 

Can you afford the monthly payments?

Personal loans give you the leverage to choose the repayment period in line with your income level and cash flow. If you want to keep your monthly installments low, you can choose to pay them back over several months. However, low monthly payments and longer repayment terms would increase the rate of interest and you end up paying more than the total loan amount over the distributed period. 

How soon do you need the funds?

Personal loan app offer instant cash loans. This makes them extremely attractive as they provide money instantly, often on the same day, when you are in dire need of it, to meet your emergencies. Check how urgently you need the money before you ask for a personal loan.

Do you have a good enough credit score?

Your loan qualification would depend upon your credit score. Hence, know your credit score before you go ahead and apply for a personal loan so that your application does not get declined. 

Final Take

It is advisable to consider your financial structure before you pull the trigger and go ahead to opt even for a small loan. Even though personal loans can be helpful if managed sensibly, you need to ensure that you know what you are in for before you take the plunge. A well-managed, realistic borrowing strategy will empower you to pursue your ambitions and build a future you want to inhabit.

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