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by on July 20, 2021

For developing a website, you can pick from so many tools and frameworks these days. However, PHP continues to be the first choice for website development for a majority of businesses and web developers. A large part of the internet comprises websites made either with PHP or PHP-based CMS and frameworks, as it is. While choosing PHP for developing your company website can be a good decision, it is also necessary to think of the cost too. 

Is PHP development cost lower than other tools?

This is a dicey subject. PHP web development cost tends to be lower than other tools owing to its Open source license. However, in finer analysis, other costs crop up, including developer charges, extension costs, hosting charges, support-related expenses and so on. 

Factors that affect the cost for developing a website using PHP

PHP web development cost depends on a number of factors. These are:

  • PHP Platform used- While PHP is an Open source scripting language and thus free to use, the same cannot be said about all the derivatives based on it! For Example, WordPress is a PHP-based CMS, also free to use. Magento, another PHP framework- comes both in free and paid versions. So, based on the platform chosen, PHP web development costs may vary a lot.
  • Additional cost factors- The PHP web developers working with platforms like Laravel, WP and Magento often need to use extensions and third-party plug-ins. These extensions are required to enhance website functionality and user experience. However, not all such plug-ins come for free. Based on the project's need, using paid plug-ins can be necessary. In such cases, the development cost goes up.
  • Experience of the developer/agency- If you hire a veteran and reputed PHP development company, its charges are likely to be on the high side. On the other hand, a freelance PHP developer or a newcomer agency is likely to charge you less. 
  • Location of the developer- Typically, the US-based and European web developers have the highest charges for developing PHP applications and websites. In Australia and lesser-known European countries, PHP development charges are moderate. For affordable PHP development, Asian countries are the best as the developers in these nations charge a reasonable amount. 
  • Website functionality- Not every company opting for PHP web development has the same needs. If you want to hire an agency for developing a large-sized PHP website with database connectivity, charges may be steep. However, the same agency may charge you less for developing a smaller site with fewer pages. If you want your website to be laden with specific security measures, that can add to the overall cost too.

Tips to keep PHP web development cost within limits

Whether you opt for laravel website development or WordPress web development, keeping the project cost within a range is prudent. This is even more important when you own a start-up, and monetary constraints are there.

  • Look for agencies that offer bundles services- You will find some Web development firms that offer PHP web development as separate packages, and there are agencies that focus primarily on PHP. However, it makes sense to hire an agency that also offers allied services. For example, you may want to hire an agency that not only develops websites using PHP but also offers SEO services. Some entities may also offer bundled hosting services. When you get such bundled packages, it proves to be cost effective.
  • Use various methods to locate PHP development agencies- You should explore all means to find and hire PHP developers offering packages matching your budget. These include: 

Online search- Use the popular search engines to locate PHP developers and agencies. You may use region-specific search keywords to locate PHP development agencies in your region. It is also an option to use a price range to find developers matching your budget for PHP web development.

Professional networking platforms- You should also make use of the popular professional networking platforms to contact PHP developers. 

Social media platforms- In the top social media platforms, you can find groups and communities comprising veteran PHP developers and programmers. 

References- Additionally, you should make use of professional references to find suitable PHP developers in your region or abroad.

After using all such means, you should be able to locate several PHP developers and agencies. Then, you can compare and assess their services and rates to zero in on the most feasible one. You may also keep some time for checking out client reviews of these agencies. Apart from overall service and reliability, check for client feedback on pricing-related issues. 

  • Opt for outsourcing- By outsourcing PHP web development, you can save a significant amount, for sure. There are web development agencies in Asian countries like India that offer PHP outsourcing for clients located in foreign countries. You can sign up for the services of such an offshore-based PHP development company to keep the project cost within limits. 
  • Opt for detailed consultation- Whether you hire a freelance PHP developer or sign up for services of a PHP outsourcing agency, opt for an in-depth consultation session. In fact, the top agencies will offer you an initial session. When resolving your queries on nuances of their services, ensure you get facts clear on the costs too. Some developers may charge you per hour, while others will offer you a comprehensive package and charge a fixed amount. 
  • Learn about support cost- While getting a website developed by a veteran PHP web development agency is fine, you have to think of the maintenance as well. The top agencies will offer you yearly maintenance packages. This may seem like an additional cost, but it comes in handy in the long run.

A glimpse at approx. cost of PHP web development

The cost of PHP web development varies on factors like the experience of the developer, region, and client requirements and so on. Still, it is important that you have an approx idea about the rates for PHP web development. This will help you in negotiating with the PHP development agencies better. 

  • Hosting charges- There are various types of hosting available. Shared hosting may cost you anywhere between $5 – $30/ year. For VPS hosting, you may have to shell out $ 50 – $250 approx. Dedicated hosting is quite expensive, and it may cost you over $1000 a year. 
  • Developer charges- The charges of a PHP developer vary on region and expertise level, mostly. A PHP developer may charge you $80 per hour, and veteran developers may charge around $200. If you want to spend less than $100 an hour for a PHP developer, opt for outsourcing agencies located in Asian nations. 
  • Design options- PHP websites can be made using pre-designed templates, and you can opt for a custom design option too. The latter option is costlier- for sure. Opting for premium themes in tools like Magento and WP can cost you a significant amount. 
  • Maintenance charges- For the maintenance of a PHP website, you may have to pay $500 per year. Again, for a large-sized website, charges can be higher. 

Wrapping up

PHP web development cost can be moderate or steep, based on the project requirements and the developer chosen. It is prudent to do adequate research before signing up for an agency offering PHP or Laravel application development. Take time to compare the available contenders and get all your queries on cost clarified before hiring such an agency.

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