by on July 21, 2021

People say that when you start to age, your hearing gets worse and I always dreaded this happening. To be really honest, I was constantly fearful that one day I’d wake up and discover that the world was the same but I couldn’t hear it anymore because of my deafness.

So, in order to avoid the shock element, ever since I turned 45, I would go to Hearing Aids’ Professionals - a hearing clinic in Sydney and have my hearing checked. It was always good and I think getting a routine test done is best.

When I neared 60, I began experiencing some hearing difficulty. It wasn’t all of a sudden the world going mute as I had thought. It was more like a slow process. I started to feel that others were speaking too softly. Then it started with me wanting the TV to be louder than usual. That’s when I realised it wasn’t the surroundings that were the problem, but rather my hearing. It was time to consult the audiologist in Sydney.

I got my hearing loss treatment in Sydney

When you are young and cannot hear, the possible reasons are that perhaps there is fluid in your ear or earwax that needs to be drained out. But when you are aged and find hearing tough, age itself is an explanation for not being able to hear.

So when I went to the hearing clinic in Sydney, I did not want a solution to my problem. I just wanted to know how I could continue maintaining the standard of life without letting my hearing problem get in the way.

Hearing aids for pensioners in Australia

Hearing aids. For some reason, I was always under the impression that these could only help to some extent with my hearing. But after my personal experience with these, I realise that they are a great help!

The hearing aids that the audiologist in Sydney set me up with were of great quality and performed optimally. I could partake in everyday conversations and no longer felt embarrassed because I couldn’t hear what others were saying to me.

There are some really great schemes for hearing aids for pensioners in Australia and I suggest you avail of them too if you are eligible for pension.

I thoroughly enjoyed and continue to be thankful for my experience with Hearing Aids’ Professionals for everything they did to ease my journey into this new phase of life as I grapple with what is normal and not.

Having a great support system in terms of family, doctors, audiologists means much and I am blessed and grateful.

Should you be experiencing hearing loss or difficulty in hearing or dizziness, I suggest you reach out to this clinic and it will set you right with professional help.

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