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by on August 3, 2021

Emails can easily get tossed in the spam or where letters can be thrown in the trash bin. What about Texts then,  there are filters but they have a great chance to be seen.

Either the recipient engages with your text or not but the message can be seen though, at the end of the day that is what matters for brands. 

As we found that launching an SMS marketing is very crucial. If you are just a beginner at SMS marketing, no worries, here are the main things that you should be aware of while starting your SMS marketing campaign.

1.Look after the Keywords to use in SMS Marketing

The main vital text message marketing aspect which every beginner should be aware of can be the SMS keyword. An SMS marketing keyword is a phrase or long/short word which customers should text to a little code number. If they do this, the keyword can activate a messaging experience for the people.

For instance, if you pick the keyword “DOWNLOAD” for the SMS marketing campaign. You could question customers by texting the keyword along with the shortcode to set the opt-in or sign up for the SMS marketing campaign.

Further SMS keyword instances could even be the word “JOIN”. The public ads to people can also say something like “Text the phrase'' Join to the 552255 for joining our group to get all updates of offers and products.”

As you see, SMS keywords always accelerate many messaging experiences, and the overall goal is to begin a text conversation within brands and customers. 

2. Don't need up your message 

SMS marketing surely enables your brand in several ways. So, you need to begin writing great materials for a promising text blast.

You need to know that you only got 160 characters to write your message. To put it, 160 is less but you should put all your words in that exceeding that number can break the message and send an unclear text to your people. That can storm off your consumers. To help you with writing the eye-catching texts here are the tips to follow:

Formal vs Informal

An informal tone can look appropriate for the SMS, at the end of the day, you should know that you are a brand. You worked too hard to craft a perfect brand voice, so that voice should be clear and loud enough while delivering the SMS marketing message ges. But, that doesn’t explain that you need to text apart from your personality. It is fine to add personality to your text but watch out. 


As with any other form of communication, you need to take advantage of customizing your SMS marketing. For example, you can say “hi, [add the user name]”  then write the message. You can also customize by broader demographics, involving a consumer segment’s gender,  pain points, location, occupation,  and age. 

Short is enough 

Not at a tip, it's a rule. You have just 160 characters. So, think about what to say in the words you get from those characters without exceeding 160 characters. It is tough.  Like others, practice makes it perfect. 

Get the point out

You all have just 160 characters, so that makes it simple to miss the main point in the text.  So, ensure to write the point of texting in the first sentence itself, then you can depend on how you could frame it. 

Add a CTA

As we discussed above you should get the main point out without delay, it can become easy if you add a call to action to it. You can add a CTA in the SMS message. CTA accesses you to hyperlink text rather than writing waste characters. In this way, you can save the character space and can add a link for your consumers to click. This makes the consumer's life simple by easily adding a CTA like “want to know more info visit our website today”

3. Timing is crucial

Time is important for everything and not an exception for SMS.  The time while you deliver SMS surely impacts the campaign's effectiveness. Research indicates that there are specific hours of the day where unique demographic groups are active on the mobile. For example, full-time employees can be on their phones in the morning, and parents can check their phones after their children have gone to bed. By knowing the audience,  you can find when your texts can have a much crucial likelihood of success.

4. Use messages to communicate than just notifying 

When people just get messages which notify them of the deals and never receive any kind of valuable info or communication, they can easily get tired of the messages and become less engaging. Try to ask the consumers to respond to the messages, by adding: “If you have any queries or want to know more info, text us back!”. At the end of the text. You can ask certain questions to get feedback and define every consumer's tastes and just ask only one question. This helps you in getting potential consumers with specials and deals which feels customized to them 


With the extremely SMS personal nature, it is better to take a strategic and thoughtful approach with an empathy-driven mindset. So, being focused on segmenting your campaigns one can deliver the text at the perfect time to the perfect person.

If you are sending a message to the whole email list through SMS, you need to question yourself whether it is worth it to send this message to the subscriber or will it storm them out from the campaign. The main thing you need to think about is that you can utilize existing data for making the message personalized and related. 

So, remember to be concise,  personal, and be responsive. Text marketing should be easy for every brand, so try not to overcomplicate more. If you are seeking to simplify text marketing,  make sure to try  GuniSMS, a leading SMS gateway that's easy and affordable to use for every business at any scale.

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