by on August 6, 2021

My wife lost her hearing four years back. It was tough on both of us. You live with someone for years and suddenly when they lose something that is such an important part of their life, it really affects the both of you.

I wanted to help her at the time in this new struggle and I still remember the free hearing test in Sydney.

The hearing aid fitting in Sydney and how it all started

Hearing Aids’ Professionals was my first choice of place to take my wife too. Everyone in our friend’s group who has had a hearing problem visited this place and was happy with their experience.

My wife took the free hearing test in Sydney that they were offering at the time. The audiometrists told her that due to old age the hair cells that are in the inner ear and that are main pillars of the hearing apparatus had gotten affected and thus, the hearing was affected. These cells do not regenerate.

The next thing would be to get a hearing aid.

The hearing aid fitting in Sydney was a very smooth process

I still remember the audiometrists being so kind during the fitting process. They were so concerned about whether the hearing aid was fine, whether there was discomfort, whether there was any problem, and I was grateful to them. There are several hearing aid brands in Australia, they explained and each one had its own perks.

There were two brands that my wife seemed to think were very comfortable. One was Siemens hearing aids and the other was Bernafon hearing aids.

Finally, she settled on the latter and I gave them to her as a gift on her birthday.

The professionals were just too good

The hearing aids worked fine and it was only a few days back that I thought maybe it is time to get her a new pair. I am so happy with the hearing clinic, I thought I should sit down and write this review. After all, it is not often that you find such great companies.

Thank you Hearing Aids’ Professionals for all that you have done for us. This is an old many being grateful to have brands such as yours around. It makes things easier.

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