by on August 7, 2021

Sometimes professions can be a real challenge. Especially the ones that involve working in factories, industries, mines, airports where the noise is so loud that it is often impossible to hear what the person next to you is saying.

I know this because my father worked on the runway. He was often subjected to the loud, roaring engine of the flight and after a few years, he began to develop industrial hearing loss.

A hearing facility for sensorineural hearing loss in Sydney

The inner ear is extremely sensitive to sound and it has hair cells the endings of which are responsible for carrying the signal to the brain and then the whole perception of sound.

When loud noise on a daily basis is heard, these hair cells are affected and after a few years, this is what leads to deafness. In this case, the audiometrist at Hearing Aids’ Professionals (the clinic we went to) explained that it was a case of sensorineural hearing loss.

There was another concern

My father could hear a constant buzz in his ears. When one loses their ability to hear, the brain amplifies internal sounds and that is why the buzz. It is also called tinnitus. For the tinnitus treatment in Sydney, the audiometrists suggested that hearing aids would help.

What I loved about the hearing clinic

Everything was in one place. We did not have to go from one spot to another and the audiometrists were really sweet and warm.

I would recommend them if you are looking for NDIS plan managers in Sydney or if you have conductive hearing loss. They will surely be able to help you.

My father’s tinnitus treatment in Sydney was smooth. The hearing aids he finalised upon helped him gain a better sense of understanding of conversations, helped him with speaking and listening, helped with filtering the background noise from the actual words and looked quite classy too.

Amazing, right?

He is so thrilled with it. And the beauty is because his condition was industrial hearing loss, he did not have to pay. The audiometrists helped him with the forms etc that he had to fill in and following that the treatment and the hearing aids were free of charge!

Thank you to all the audiometrists at the hearing clinic.

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