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by on August 11, 2021

We live in an era where designer products are sold for several thousand dollars. In this era, a luxury handbag costs around 2000 dollars, while the t-shirts go upward of 500 dollars. In such a market the knockoff products like the replica Gucci belt appear to be a more affordable option.

The branded products are very desirable, especially the handbags. People go crazy to buy the latest handbags from famous brands such as Gucci. However, these products are very expensive. So, most people turn their heads towards fake designer bags. The fake bags can be bought for just a fraction of the price of the original.

According to several estimates, the sales of replica brands are estimated to be more than 30 billion dollars. However, when it comes to replica products, there is some legality. There are two types of fake products i.e. counterfeit goods and knockoffs.

The counterfeit products are a replica of the original product. This way they infringe the trademark of the brand. Contrarily, the knockoffs are products that only resemble the original. Due to this, a replica Gucci belt is considered to be legal.

Law and order of replica brands

Several countries around the world have started making proper laws for counterfeit products. For example, America greatly distinguishes between counterfeit products and knockoffs. According to American law, selling counterfeit products is a way of duping customers. The sellers sell them clever imitations of the original product under the pretext of the original product.

Under American law, all those persons who are involved in the sale of these products are punishable. In America, there is no punishment for those who buy these products. It is simply because most of the people who buy counterfeit products are unaware of it. They think they are getting an original product, however, they are handed a clever imitation by the sellers.

Due to reasons like these several videos and blogs were uploaded on the internet. These sites offer tips to differentiate between original and counterfeit products. They give insight into the logo, craftsmanship, price, and feel of the product.

Contrarily, the laws in France and Italy are different. Their law states that the buyers are well aware that they are buying counterfeit products. Due to this, the buyers of fake designer bags are punished there. More importantly, the fashion brands have been allowed to take the replica brands to the courts.

Knockoff gaining fame with social media

Instagram is the single major promoter of counterfeit products. Every year a lot of counterfeit products are sold with the help of Instagram. According to several estimates, around 20 percent of fashion-related posts on Instagram feature counterfeit products.

The underground economy of fake products has now reached social media. Around 50,000 accounts on Instagram are involved in the selling of counterfeit products. Moreover, 65 million posts for the sale of counterfeit products are uploaded on social media each year.

If you can’t beat them, join them

Luxury brands around the world have been greatly impacted by counterfeit products. So, some of them decided to beat them at their own game. Diesel is a world-famous brand. Their counterfeit products are sold all over the world.

For a time they tried to control the sale of their counterfeit products. But then they decided to enter the game themselves. They made counterfeit of their products under a new brand name Deisel and started selling them. So, now where you can buy an original Diesel sweatshirt, you can also buy a replica of it being sold under the brand name Deisel.

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